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Mac CD Woes

Steve Castledine  May 17 2006 10:48:49 AM GMT -6
I've noticed that if I put a scratched cd (yes I do not look after them very well!) in my Mac it really struggles. I have to switch my Mac off to regain control of iTunes and the CD drive. Anyone kn

Brilliant Mac v PC Ad’s

Steve Castledine  May 9 2006 08:26:43 AM GMT -6
These made me laugh!

I’ve joined the club!

Steve Castledine  October 21 2005 04:00:00 AM GMT -6
Yesterday a Mac Mini was waiting for me when I got home. Its still in the box (just) - I have a lot of work on and it just would not get done if I opened it!

Smiles all round!

Steve Castledine  October 20 2005 01:26:53 PM GMT -6
Guess what arrived today!