This, that and the other (may contain nuts)


Steve Castledine  November 6 2006 10:45:04 AM GMT -6
I went to see the film SAW 3 last Friday. After watching 1 & 2 I thought this would be a let down - but like the second film (which I also thought would be a let down after the originality of the


Steve Castledine  September 4 2005 02:19:46 PM GMT -6
We went to see the film "Crash" Saturday evening - and I absolutely loved it. It was a film refreshingly different to any film I have seen before. A film that I wan't expecting. I knew very litt

Hitchhikers guide to falling asleep

Steve Castledine  April 30 2005 05:55:17 AM GMT -6
When I was young (I must have been 13-14 at a guess) I stumbled into the HitchHikers guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams - on BBC Radio Cassette. I loved it and must have listened to it endless ti