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Back to real football

Steve Castledine  February 2 2009 05:54:28 AM GMT -6
I tried to stay awake last night for the Superbowl, but as with most years I failed. I lasted until half time and that Bruce fella sent me fast drifting. It was a shame as it was the best game I had s

Nail Biting Weekend

Steve Castledine  May 2 2008 06:30:45 AM GMT -6
A nail biting holiday weekend awaits with the last game of the season live on Sky Sports 2pm sunday (GMT). We play at a team (Stoke City) who are at the top of the table and requiring points for pr

Sometimes Football comes second

Steve Castledine  August 29 2007 07:04:12 AM GMT -6
As a club we were eagerly awaiting last nights game at local rival Nottingham Forest, but after our Left back Clive Clarke suffered two heart attacks at half time, it makes you stop and think. This gu

Changes for the new Season have started

Steve Castledine  June 4 2007 09:16:37 AM GMT -6
Changes for the next season have already started at Leicester City Football club with a new manager (mad dog), a new director of Football and two new players in ex French International Bruno N'Gotty (


Steve Castledine  April 23 2007 04:23:53 AM GMT -6
Football has been a depressing subject around these parts for the best part of 2 maybe even 4 seasons plus. This season has probably been the worst with boring, unenthusiastic football from a bunch

Seven Goals to One

Steve Castledine  April 11 2007 02:11:30 AM GMT -6
Incredible game last night between Manchester Utd and AS Roma. Roma did not stand a chance with the form Manchester Utd were in. 7 goals to 1 in champions league football is incredible at this stage o

Football - Best news for a long time

Steve Castledine  February 13 2007 08:50:16 AM GMT -6
BBC Link

Milan Mandaric makes £25 million Leicester Bid

Steve Castledine  November 1 2006 07:21:47 AM GMT -6
Milan Mandaric has made a 25 million pound bid to buy Leicester City Football Club! My aim is to re-awaken Leicester City and aspire to the dreams of their passionate supporters and bring Premiers

FIFA’s Golden Ball

Steve Castledine  July 6 2006 06:58:53 AM GMT -6
FIFA have announced the nominations for the "Golden Ball" award (what happened to the other one?): Zinedine Zidane (France) Thierry Henry(France) Patrick Vieira (France) Michael Ballack(Germany) Miro

Its a bit stormy and France through

Steve Castledine  July 6 2006 05:54:54 AM GMT -6
Well after the recent heatwave the inevitable electrical storms have arrived. This is the second day of them and I have an inch of water sitting in my back yard waiting to drain away. With this has

Cracking Game and Moving House

Steve Castledine  July 5 2006 04:42:27 AM GMT -6
Yesterdays Germany v Italy was a cracker! Well done to Italy for the last minute goals - I think on reflection it was a fair result as Italy always looked the most likely to score. Germany played ve

Anyone for Tennis?

Steve Castledine  July 2 2006 05:56:07 AM GMT -6
After waking from a long afternoon and night out I remembered that I'm supposed to be moving house (its now midday) and then damn it a few seconds later I remembered England lost to Portugal on penali

Germany Through

Steve Castledine  July 1 2006 02:29:55 AM GMT -6
Wow what a professional performance. Something England could learn from, patience, "do not panic". You never doubted the Germans would not miss a penalty and Lehman would save a few (he's been solid i

Another stumble across the line

Steve Castledine  June 26 2006 03:49:55 AM GMT -6
Well England managed to get through another round of the World Cup, however it was another stumble across the finish line. For some reason there are players out there that are world class stars for t

Change the games to 45 minutes only!

Steve Castledine  June 21 2006 02:04:46 AM GMT -6
If we changed the games to 45 minutes only in the world cup then I think England would have a shout at winning it. We seem to forget to play in the second half. Last nights draw against Sweden was a

World Cup

Steve Castledine  June 19 2006 03:04:14 AM GMT -6
With 10 days of the World Cup gone its shaping into an interesting competition. So far England have not left the starting blocks (but won their two games - sometimes winning when not playing well can

We won, but just and it was boring

Steve Castledine  June 11 2006 06:06:24 AM GMT -6
It was a bit of an anti climax in the end but England beat Paraguay (1-0) in their first game and with Sweden not being able to beat Trinidad and Tobago it gives us a good chance of winning the group

World Cup starts Today

Steve Castledine  June 9 2006 02:18:53 AM GMT -6
Well it is almost upon us now, Germany and Costa Rica kick off the World cup this evening (5pm GMT) which is the start of 64 games in about a month. With the news that Wayne Rooney seems fit to play


Steve Castledine  May 18 2006 04:02:25 AM GMT -6
Well I had been looking forward to seeing the champions league final last night all week (especially after a cracking FA cup final last week). Then the goalkeeper gets sent off after about 17 minutes

Eriksson Lost the Plot?

Steve Castledine  May 8 2006 09:35:54 AM GMT -6
So last month us English had a bit of confidence that we might do well in this summers football World Cup in Germany. Then our star player (Rooney) gets injured leaving us with a big hole to fill.

Leicester City 1 - QPR 0

Steve Castledine  January 5 2005 05:25:32 PM GMT -6
Well an unexpected victory at the Walkers stadium - I don't know exactly how it happened but we scraped a one nil victory over Queens Park Rangers on Monday. Scraped being the operative word - o

Football is Rubbish

Steve Castledine  December 28 2004 07:15:51 AM GMT -6
Football is rubbish and I'm going to support netball or something instead! This is how I feel after watching Leicester lose 1-0 to bottom of the table Rotherham at home on Boxing Day - its the

Leicester 0 - Reading 2

Steve Castledine  December 12 2004 02:38:13 PM GMT -6
Another dull game at the Walkers stadium saw Leicester continuing their poor home form in the Championship. It was so dull I was thinking that I could have finished cutting up the wood I needed f

Leeds 0 - Leicester 2

Steve Castledine  December 5 2004 03:11:27 PM GMT -6
A long overdue two wins on the trot for a Leicester team who have struggled to live up to expectations - a change of management team a month ago has done much to improve things this season. Whi