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General Babble

Steve Castledine  July 31 2007 04:35:02 AM GMT -6
1) I have a very busy week 2) I have a lot of outstanding emails - I will get around to them as soon as possible 3) This is my blog and I set the rules - people being rude about wanting to change

Stitched Up

Steve Castledine  July 6 2007 05:23:23 AM GMT -6
Actually that should be "unstitched" as I had my stiches out this morning from my hand wounds. Its getting easier to use my right hand now with bandaging just remaining on one finger. The chunk that w

Slow Blog Week

Steve Castledine  June 15 2007 05:21:53 AM GMT -6
Had my head down this week, lots of things to do, investigate and general software geekery. Composite applications have taken up a fair chunk of my time. Boy are they going to be kewl, I don't think I

Wish my first Life was in Dublin

Steve Castledine  May 24 2007 08:21:09 AM GMT -6
I'm up to my ears right now, so I wish I was in Dublin sampling the Guinness. has an outage - being worked on.

Steve Castledine  May 24 2007 03:41:02 AM GMT -6 has an outage - being worked on. Update - fixed

Not Likely - LinkedIn

Steve Castledine  May 17 2007 04:15:00 AM GMT -6
I was using LinkedIn yesterday and I cannot remember the page but an error box came up and said I should install Microsoft Outlook and set it as my default mail. Yeh right! Incidently if anyone wa

Bikes in the Fastlane - Makeover

Steve Castledine  May 9 2007 08:20:18 AM GMT -6
Bikes in the Fast Lane by Mike Werner has had a makeover by a professional designer. Mike is an original user of the template from maybe four years back. It is good to see the template has stood up t

Another Week, another Pond

Steve Castledine  May 8 2007 04:47:25 AM GMT -6
Time is just flying by right now - it needs to slow down! This week is going to be mad - a lot of hours but hopefully by the weekend I will feel happier where I am rather than the forever sinking feel

Normal Service - Eventually

Steve Castledine  March 27 2007 06:52:55 AM GMT -6
Got a busy spell. Not as busy as Steve McClaren - sort it out!

Time to turn the lights back on

Steve Castledine  March 15 2007 05:53:03 AM GMT -6
Been on holiday. Decided to take a break from computers, internet etc - its been great! Updates on everything very soon!

TV License Crazyness

Steve Castledine  March 2 2007 08:06:26 AM GMT -6
A strange story I heard last week from my mum. She works at a funeral parlour (you should see her company car ;) ). Anyway she had to sign a statement to say no-one on the premises watched TV on thei

I love this colour / image combination on Martin’s Blog

Steve Castledine  March 2 2007 05:02:21 AM GMT -6
Link to blog (its in Spanish). John Head has also had a makeover (he may ping me later asking why he didn't headline this entry). John is the person on the right of the banner, on the left you can

Slow blogging week

Steve Castledine  December 15 2006 05:15:08 AM GMT -6
I had a lot of plans this week for articles etc, but time has not been available to breathe let alone blog. I actually feel a little stressed by how much I have got to get done over the next week! A

These Days

Steve Castledine  September 6 2006 02:59:10 PM GMT -6
These days I am working, listening to the superb Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Taking Notes, working, playing with Dojo and working. But by Friday I will be in Barcelona - can't wait (you booked the apa

Yes still very quiet around here

Steve Castledine  September 4 2006 06:48:26 AM GMT -6
I can't even begin to describe how busy my life and my mind are right now! A few last minute problems with stuff at work and other things coming out of the woodwork are creating me a bit of stress bu

Dual Booting / Virtual PC

Steve Castledine  August 21 2006 10:40:09 AM GMT -6
I've been a bit off the planet of late - due to a lot of things happening workwise / social wise etc - be back soon! Anyway - I need to run another copy of my Windows operating system (can be from bo

Damn Lorry Driver!

Steve Castledine  August 11 2006 04:21:07 AM GMT -6
Anyone that reads this blog may remember a truck clipping my car a few weeks back. Well I got a letter from my insurance company today reading: We have spoken to the 3rd Party company who confir

Landis gives positive drugs test

Steve Castledine  July 27 2006 10:51:26 AM GMT -6
Wow - that is a big kick in the teeth for the Tour and Cycling as a sport. BBC report.

I do not speak correct English

Steve Castledine  July 12 2006 05:19:18 AM GMT -6
One thing with working for a US company is that my English is no longer correct English (even though we invented the thing!). So I am now finally multi-lingual (the Spanish got ditched again - anythi

All Moved

Steve Castledine  July 11 2006 08:50:06 AM GMT -6
If you blinked you missed it - my ADSL is now transferred to my new house together with the ip addresses allocated to the old one. So my websites should be available even though the hardware has moved

Its a bit stormy and France through

Steve Castledine  July 6 2006 05:54:54 AM GMT -6
Well after the recent heatwave the inevitable electrical storms have arrived. This is the second day of them and I have an inch of water sitting in my back yard waiting to drain away. With this has

Possibly looking for hosting

Steve Castledine  June 22 2006 12:14:19 PM GMT -6
I may be moving house soon and because of that I will be relocating my equipment thats hosts this and my website. I may not have fixed ip at my new address therefore any suggestions o

Site Outage - Friday 22nd June

Steve Castledine  June 22 2006 12:04:26 PM GMT -6
This site will be unavailable for most of Friday 22nd June due to rewiring of the data center. Well anyway I am having some remedial work done to my house to fulfill some UK wiring legislations.

Race for Life

Steve Castledine  June 20 2006 09:51:03 AM GMT -6
In July (World Cup Final day so she had better not be slow) my better half Sue will be running the "Race for Life" which is a charity run on behalf of Womens Breast Cancer research. Sue has already


Steve Castledine  June 16 2006 04:04:37 AM GMT -6
Well I am not in Dublin - I am home in Leicester! The one day I needed to fly out of Birmingham airport there was a crash landing (the cargo planes wheel fell off in the air!) and all flights were c

Leaving for Dublin Soon

Steve Castledine  June 15 2006 04:10:06 AM GMT -6
I'm leaving for Dublin soon for the ILUG conference, just finishing some work before I get on the motorway to the airport. I arrive about 3pm then its off to the hotel and then I have to find the Eng

Privilege Insurance

Steve Castledine  May 17 2006 05:46:24 AM GMT -6
Blogs are quite often used to vent frustration, moan etc about companies with poor customer service etc. Today I would like to do the opposite. I have used Privilege Insurance for 4/5 years now for i

A few people I forgot to mention

Steve Castledine  April 7 2006 12:11:45 PM GMT -6
With all the excitement there were a few people I forgot to say thanks to, so I better put that right! I don't know how I forgot but John Vaughan contributed code into Dominoblog early days, and ther

Goodbye Norton

Steve Castledine  March 31 2006 04:16:00 AM GMT -6
Well I have finally got rid of Norton Antivirus / firewall products from my laptop / pc's etc.In my experience of the last year what an awful bit of software that is as bad as windows for over time tu


Steve Castledine  March 7 2006 07:49:35 AM GMT -6
Since I broke my last laptop I have not put skype onto the replacement. I have finally got around to doing this today - my id is projectdxguy (the same as my AIM & Yahoo Instant Messaging) for th

Speaking English

Steve Castledine  January 16 2006 02:00:25 PM GMT -6
Speaking English is almost a passport to communication across most of the world (yet only about 10% speak it as their main tongue). I think us brits take it for granted. In Denmark everyone speak

Blogging From Denmark

Steve Castledine  January 15 2006 05:21:45 PM GMT -6
Tonight I am blogging from Denmark - not because I have much to say - but because I am bored - and if I am bored then anyone who reads this blog will have to be bored as well! One of the things

Happy New Year!

Steve Castledine  January 2 2006 08:56:47 AM GMT -6
Well back to work for me today (even though its a bank holiday). Flu since Christmas (the little blighter has still not gone properly yet) has totally messed up my work schedule so I am behind on e

Happy Christmas

Steve Castledine  December 24 2005 05:51:08 PM GMT -6
Happy Christmas to all!

2006 - A new direction?

Steve Castledine  November 22 2005 06:07:50 AM GMT -6
2005 has been a good (well actually great!) year for me - in terms of my life in general and my work. I've been fully booked the entire year (well more than that really - almost every weekend h

Over three years a blogger

Steve Castledine  November 15 2005 04:31:35 PM GMT -6
Well it dawned on me today that I have been a "blogger" for more than 3 years now. It all started with - see my first page here!

Days are just not long enough

Steve Castledine  September 27 2005 05:05:41 AM GMT -6
Damien Katz thinks his blog sucks - well mine sucks a hundred times more! I'm just maxed out with work and life - work side I have about 5 projects on the go at the same time (yes stressful! -

08700 426655

Steve Castledine  September 16 2005 04:56:28 AM GMT -6
This entry is for google to pick up - If you get a call on your mobile from this number (08700 426 655) do not call it back. When you answer it - the line will go dead - if you call it back it could

Better Days!

Steve Castledine  May 24 2005 02:36:42 AM GMT -6
Well I have had better days than yesterday! I managed to develop a throat/chest infection sunday together with flu type symptoms - so I was feeling pretty rubbish. This made me very dumb and clum

Speed Cameras

Steve Castledine  May 17 2005 04:27:58 PM GMT -6
Managed to get done by yet another mobile speed camera last week - 36 mph in a 30 zone - a dual carriageway! I even saw the darn thing on the other side of the road and chose not to brake because I

Busy Busy Busy

Steve Castledine  April 20 2005 01:54:40 PM GMT -6
Man I'm rushed off my feet! Version 3 of the ProjectDX Live Content Engine (used for Dominoblog) is getting closer to a gold release - latest feature addition is automatic menuing - no coding re

Site Downtime

Steve Castledine  April 9 2005 04:17:05 AM GMT -6
This site will be down from 6pm GMT Sat 9th April Until 12pm Sun 10th April due to moving of cables and people sleeping in my server room!

Happy Christmas to all !!

Steve Castledine  December 25 2004 07:26:15 PM GMT -6
As a christmas present DominoBlog Version 3 Beta 1 is now available.

Paypal Phising

Steve Castledine  December 13 2004 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
I've been well aware of "Phising" (where you are sent emails pretending to be from your bank and lead you to a website which looks like your bank and asks you for your account details and passwords

Gravatar Author Images

Steve Castledine  December 7 2004 11:06:58 AM GMT -6
Well comments have been fixed and at the same time I have updated this site with my latest version of dominoblog (its still in Alpha testing so not available yet for download). Couple of featu

Busted Comments

Steve Castledine  December 7 2004 10:13:08 AM GMT -6
Oh man my comments are busted - you can leave them but when listed it loops the first comment only - teach me to download dodgy free software from!


Steve Castledine  November 29 2004 05:34:00 PM GMT -6
Well I have decided to start a new blog - those of you who know me will be aware of my efforts at a few years ago which kinda died a while ago and also the continuing work I do at D