This, that and the other (may contain nuts)

Week 14

Steve Castledine  August 8 2007 04:48:38 AM GMT -6
We had another baby scan today when the "age" was confirmed at 13 weeks and 1 day old. It was a very wriggly baby but managed to stay still for a few shots!

Deck Complete

Steve Castledine  July 16 2007 05:45:22 AM GMT -6
Previously I built the frame, "decked" the main part and then I completed the decking and applied some deck oil. My next job was to build the fencing around the outside and attach to the posts. I bo

File, Replication, New Replica

Steve Castledine  July 9 2007 02:30:00 AM GMT -6
That's probably the geekiest blog entry subject by me, ever! Anyway my news is there is a new member of the family on the way :) Currently at 1.6cm in length and in week 9 there is a long way to go,

Oh Joy!

Steve Castledine  June 29 2007 03:42:10 AM GMT -6
Probably sound like a moaning old man right now with everything, but quite the contrary as I'm actually having a great time despite the up's and downs, and the weather :( Apparantely we are pretty muc

When it rains, it pours

Steve Castledine  June 27 2007 04:43:39 AM GMT -6
When it rains, it pours, and I don't just mean this rubbish weather we are having. I live opposite a river and luckily that copes with heavy rain (due to a so far not built on flood plain). Not so luc

Wheres Summer gone?

Steve Castledine  June 22 2007 05:12:31 AM GMT -6
After a glorious April, May and June have typically been rain, rain and a little more rain. No end in sight right now. So much for global warming (more global wetting for us):

Don’t Run!

Steve Castledine  June 22 2007 04:13:41 AM GMT -6
I always remember my teachers at school saying don't run up the stairs or down the corridor. Well I know now why! Wednesday evening I was rushing up the stairs with a plate in my hand (I don't know

Building a Deck part 3

Steve Castledine  June 19 2007 05:00:38 AM GMT -6
Previously I built the frame and then "decked" the main part. Next job was to deck the lower part. Things are taking shape now. I'm shocked everything seems level and is not looking the eyesore I fe

Building a Deck part 2

Steve Castledine  June 15 2007 04:40:28 AM GMT -6
So last Sunday I managed to get another day on my deck project. So far I had built the base and had positioned it in place, off the ground, using some concreted posts. The ground is very uneven and sl

Building a Deck part 1

Steve Castledine  June 4 2007 09:24:10 AM GMT -6
About a month ago I decided I would build a deck in the back garden, and after not making a mess up of constructing the pond I ordered in the materials. However with April being hot and sunny pretty m

Spring is definitely here!

Steve Castledine  April 14 2007 05:52:30 AM GMT -6

Nice Weather

Steve Castledine  April 10 2007 10:30:48 AM GMT -6
After great holiday weather over the 4 day weekend, this weeks looking good as well. Not bad for early April around here. Shame about how much work I need to do! :(

I was going to tell my manager I could not make it to work today because of the snow...

Steve Castledine  February 8 2007 08:14:27 AM GMT -6
Then I remembered I work at home. Nice that some "Winter" has arrived today. Amazing how we cannot cope with 1 inch of snow and awful temperatures of -1c. From my office window - a boat came through

Drainage problem found!

Steve Castledine  October 9 2006 08:18:00 AM GMT -6
Last week I mentioned our smelly drainage problem. Well the issue has been found. When the builders built the house they forgot to connect the underground sewage pipes to our kitchen and two bathroo

Nuts Weather

Steve Castledine  October 3 2006 03:50:50 AM GMT -6
Its cooled a little today but September was the warmest on record around these parts with some warm sunny days right into October. On top of that we have been having tropical storms every other day ov


Steve Castledine  June 30 2006 05:20:42 AM GMT -6
Well the two week challenge came off (just). So first thing this morning I sold my house to the property developer in exchange for a new house by the side of the waterway about 4 miles from my current

Gas Leak!

Steve Castledine  June 20 2006 08:19:28 AM GMT -6
Things are pretty busy and stressful around here right now without the gas issue I had yesterday. We are required to have an electric and gas safety certificate issued because of potentially selling

Two Week Challenge

Steve Castledine  June 16 2006 04:44:44 AM GMT -6
The not so in the distant future Mrs Castledine wants to move house. Mainly because she wants to have "our" house not the inherited bachelor house - which I understand - but hey money does not grow on

Made it - Just!

Steve Castledine  April 12 2005 11:39:50 AM GMT -6
Heres the scene just before the party!

Pushing it (but no stress!)

Steve Castledine  April 12 2005 11:17:18 AM GMT -6
Well this was the scene at midday - 7 hours before guests started to arrive for the party!

DIY Anyone?

Steve Castledine  April 8 2005 02:39:09 AM GMT -6
Well we have a party at our house saturday - a good 50 people coming - this is the state of the house thursday night! I think its going to be a bring a paintbrush party! I shall post update pictu

More Snow!

Steve Castledine  February 24 2005 07:35:40 PM GMT -6
Me and the missus 1am !

Snow !

Steve Castledine  February 23 2005 07:03:39 AM GMT -6
Well its a pathetic amount but the picture below shows the view from my front door this morning. Where I live in England is pretty sheltered compared to further North and to the East - so we dont