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Steve Castledine

Leicester City

Football is a depressant!

Steve Castledine  March 25 2008 09:52:22 AM GMT -6
Every season is a new hope, however every season for a long time now Leicester City have slowly got worse and worse as a team. Even though this season we must have spent more money than anyone in the

Sometimes Football comes second

Steve Castledine  August 29 2007 07:04:12 AM GMT -6
As a club we were eagerly awaiting last nights game at local rival Nottingham Forest, but after our Left back Clive Clarke suffered two heart attacks at half time, it makes you stop and think. This gu

Trap door is opening

Steve Castledine  April 11 2008 04:04:59 AM GMT -6
Things are not getting any better at the bottom of the Championship: Leicester are now in the bottom 3 with four games to go in the season. Another defeat arguably caused yet again by the referee b