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Steve Castledine

Lotus Notes Domino

Domino Server ini settings for Firefox rich text font size issue

Steve Castledine  April 20 2009 10:33:21 AM GMT -6
Maybe no-one has been troubled by this, or messed with web/client rich text as much as I have in my life (what do you want to know? :) ), or perhaps everyone just knows it, but Firefox, Domino and Not

So what the hell is a hotspot?

Steve Castledine  April 9 2009 04:35:48 AM GMT -6
EXACTLY! In england a popular tv quiz show from years back you had the saying "whats a hotspot not?". Well unless you are a notes user of old, you have not a clue because its a "LINK". Well the good

Setting Template Build Version and Build Name

Steve Castledine  March 13 2009 09:17:01 AM GMT -6
Ever wondered how to set/control the template version and build name that appears on a nsf/ntf? Well this information is available read/write, and you need to add a shared field "$TemplateBuild" in

Designer 8.5 Productivity Tip

Steve Castledine  March 11 2009 05:20:42 AM GMT -6
Something I should have done a long time ago but for some reason I didn't, is to structure "designer" the best way for me (which is now possible since it is based from Eclipse). A few days ago I final

A development challenge for java/pim views in your templates

Steve Castledine  February 18 2009 06:09:11 AM GMT -6
So you can see from my last two blog posts that I have published the details required to take your own Lotus Notes templates and give them a make-over so they get the benefit of the work done to impro

Part two of using java views in your templates

Steve Castledine  February 18 2009 05:49:45 AM GMT -6
Part two has now been published on developerWorks on using "java/pim views" (still do not know a better description) within your Lotus Notes templates. Part one really was the "must do" bits to succe

Part one of how to use Lotus Notes mail style java views in your template applications

Steve Castledine  February 10 2009 12:35:52 PM GMT -6
I'm published (along with my excellent colleague Margo)! So part one of how to use Lotus Notes mail style java views in your template applications is available on developerWorks here. Part two is o

Lotus Notes Form/View Design Catalog

Steve Castledine  February 3 2009 03:54:19 AM GMT -6
Something I was thinking could be useful for, is an ntf/nsf which contained a whole bunch of different form/view/outline design combinations. Sometimes when you are starting a new templat

Lotus Notes Domino templates and open source

Steve Castledine  November 11 2008 05:57:00 AM GMT -6
Its an age old discussion and on/off has been discussed to death within this community, however I have been thinking about "templates" again recently. As a developer who has had the opportunity of d

Another java view property template developers should be aware of

Steve Castledine  November 10 2008 04:55:36 AM GMT -6
When developing applications using the standard client framework there is, I think little known, a switch/property that is really important and it is not set by default. This one is the "bookmark defa

Switching off the default switcher in templates when using java views

Steve Castledine  November 10 2008 04:05:59 AM GMT -6
I dislike the phrase "java views", but I never know a better one. If I mention "java view" I am referring to the standard client framework that was used from Lotus Notes 8.0, and originally was the ba

XPages - webQuerySave equivalent or using Lotusscript to process data

Steve Castledine  November 7 2008 03:28:52 AM GMT -6
I'm planning some "how to" XPages posts for "Domino Developers", in the meantime here's something for this week's "tip" theme. You may currently have a lot of logic sitting in Lotusscript agents o

Automatically send emails to users who post comments on your site when you reply

Steve Castledine  November 7 2008 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
Something I often forget exists, is the ability to send an email to someone automatically when you respond to their comment (Notes Client Only) within the blog template. To set this up, you need to g

Accessing the standard/java view properties in Designer

Steve Castledine  November 6 2008 03:48:25 AM GMT -6
Another ini setting that may be useful for developers is "Designer_ShowPropForJavaViewsUI=1". This setting exposes the properties in Designer for standard client/java views. I have written a large do

Upgrading local Lotus Notes templates

Steve Castledine  November 6 2008 03:41:30 AM GMT -6
No tips yesterday, busy day and I'm guessing the whole election thing was crowding out the news/blogs anyway. Anyway, I was in a meeting yesterday where a couple of customers mentioned (running Notes

Lotus Notes 8.5 Feature - Notebook

Steve Castledine  November 6 2008 03:20:53 AM GMT -6
One of the new features for Notes 8.5 is "Notebook". It gets less coverage than other "new" stuff as essentially it is the old Personal Journal with a new colour lipstick. Visually it is a huge impro

Accessing the Web Client for the Blog Template

Steve Castledine  November 4 2008 04:01:58 AM GMT -6
Publishing something I replied to in an email yesterday: You can access the web client for the blog template via the "admin" link (within the default "yellow" theme) which can be found in the top rig

Hiding advanced sections in blog template for users

Steve Castledine  November 4 2008 03:43:10 AM GMT -6
Just a quick tip today, I have a lot of work I need to complete by close and its my wife's birthday so I guess I should finish work before 10pm (kidding). By default the blog template is a "personal

Using formula to open a designated users Calendar, To Do or Contacts - undocumented feature

Steve Castledine  November 3 2008 04:01:57 AM GMT -6
Starting this week with a very simple tip. Hoping to do at least one a day this week with at least one lengthy one for xpages by Friday. Anyway, there is a documented formula @Command( [OpenCale

Domino Blog Theme editing and Tag Library

Steve Castledine  October 2 2008 08:06:36 AM GMT -6
I have today published an article on editing the default theme within the blog template and general information about the html templates etc on the Domino Wiki site. You can access the document here.

Some basic info on how the Tag Cloud tag works in Domino Blog

Steve Castledine  September 8 2008 09:51:48 AM GMT -6
Reproduced from forthcoming documentation: DXTagCloud provides an automatic tag cloud within your web pages: The system outputs the tags in an unordered list. You need to surround the tag with u

Knowing which folder a document is in - @WhichFolders

Steve Castledine  September 8 2008 03:28:53 AM GMT -6
Sometimes people don't see the release notes (I'm not saying this is definitely in them), or new formula etc can be forgotten, but a nice new formula in 8.5 was @WhichFolders which can be used to dete

New Lotus Wiki’s - powered by Domino

Steve Castledine  June 17 2008 03:27:25 AM GMT -6
I bleed yellow, but I bleed a "Notes/Domino" shade of yellow the most. So its great to see good looking stuff coming out of Domino via the "Domino Powered" product wiki's on developerWorks. Ed Brill

Probably my favourite Eclipse Domino Designer feature - search

Steve Castledine  June 15 2008 12:56:14 PM GMT -6
Search in the new Domino Designer for Eclipse just rocks. If I have a string I need to locate, or a function I need to track all instances of where it is called etc, I am now in my element, at last.

Notes Domino 8.5 Public Beta Available

Steve Castledine  May 30 2008 02:20:44 AM GMT -6
Do I smell xPages, Notebook, Domino Designer in Eclipse? Available here.

Lotus Notes Domino - Public Access use in web applications

Steve Castledine  May 28 2008 02:41:42 AM GMT -6
We were having a discussion yesterday about "public access/public documents" and the use of in web applications on Lotus Domino. Firstly a bit of information on "public access". Put in very basic te

Please Help Me Its Lotus Notes

Steve Castledine  April 24 2008 02:04:17 PM GMT -6
So Ed mentioned "Tweetscanning" - a search of the Twitter 'verse. Its actually pretty interesting - well to me, at 8pm, when my mind is burnt from running through some unit tests. Anyway searching fo

Twitter, TwitNotes and Notes 8 Standard are just great

Steve Castledine  April 7 2008 07:46:08 AM GMT -6
I first used Twitter in the middle of last year and instantly dismissed it (to myself) as "pointless" and like watching paint dry - who needs to know who x eat for dinner? Twitter is a service for fr

Blog Server Fixed - Notes Communication speeds still a little strange

Steve Castledine  March 31 2008 09:06:28 AM GMT -6
Been having network and server issues here at home office of late so this site has not been available or its been taking a day to load each page. RSS feeds gave up the ghost about a month a go - it se

Blog Template 8.01 update presentation

Steve Castledine  January 31 2008 05:54:01 AM GMT -6
Here's a short presentation I put together going through the changes in the 8.01 release of the Blog Template. It contains some useful technical information about upgrading etc. Hopefully will have

More on Template Documentation Utility

Steve Castledine  December 13 2007 06:32:36 AM GMT -6
So it seems my template documentation utility may become useful. Therefore I definitely will turn this into a project. I've had many thoughts recently on expanding my blog site as I have many "proje

Cooking up some Composite Applications

Steve Castledine  December 13 2007 06:22:51 AM GMT -6
Following up from posting the Composite Application Component Library on OpenNTF, the team have now published a series of "recipes" which show you how it is possible to use them. They are very basic

Useful tool? Template Documentation Blog/Wiki

Steve Castledine  December 12 2007 11:34:57 AM GMT -6
I've created some code which scans a Notes Template and creates a blog/wiki on its design. You then get a precreated blog/wiki (you can move things around to how you want to operate it) which allows

Anyone using the Personal Journal Template in Lotus Notes?

Steve Castledine  December 3 2007 09:46:39 AM GMT -6
Before I start this post I want to clarify that I'm not asking this in any official capacity (there is a related post on Mary Beth Raven's blog here). I'm asking as a developer who likes to understand

Notes Domino 8 YouTube video

Steve Castledine  November 29 2007 01:58:48 PM GMT -6
Here's a YouTube video I found from IBM on Notes Domino 8. Don't know how I missed this one. It features a few bloggers we all know :)

Tags v Categories

Steve Castledine  November 28 2007 06:15:47 AM GMT -6
Traditionally content has been organised by "categories" in order for us to keep controlled and structured with our data. With the recent web2.0 explosion "tags" have emerged as a fairly new technolog

Building Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes v8

Steve Castledine  October 25 2007 11:22:55 AM GMT -6
An updated "how to" for building composite applications for IBM Lotus Notes v8 has been published. The previous version referred to Beta 3 and a few things have changed around since then. Unfortunate

Blog Template Support

Steve Castledine  October 25 2007 09:41:40 AM GMT -6
So my blog support email's etc are getting way behind again. Sometimes they even go unanswered as they slip below my visible email radar and get forgotten. I will find some time to catch up on them s

Notes Domino 7.0.3

Steve Castledine  October 17 2007 06:10:32 AM GMT -6
Notes Domino 7.0.3 is available but I am sure pretty much anyone reading this will have read it elsewhere anyway. The point of the post is to state that the Blog Template was updated in 7.0.3 to the

Domino Admin Question - Prevent outbound email reply when user does not exist

Steve Castledine  October 2 2007 10:24:03 AM GMT -6
One of my personal spam problems is emails being sent to my Domino server for a user that does not exist say "user@" or "admin@" to my mail domain. The server then sends an email back saying "Not kno

Domino Blog XSS Warning

Steve Castledine  October 2 2007 07:35:42 AM GMT -6
It seems the Domino community is being targetted right now by the dull, nothing better to do script kiddies who put javascript calls into web site comments. I know a few people have had to shut off

Theme Manager Video

Steve Castledine  September 3 2007 07:02:18 AM GMT -6
I did this video to show the theme manager exists :) On viewing, the video quality is poor so I need to work out optimum settings for this to work. In the meantime you can hear for yourself - and see

Agent Profiling

Steve Castledine  August 24 2007 04:04:43 AM GMT -6
Following on from my discussion on webqueryopen Agents. Don't forget you can "profile" the agent and see what is slow, what is not etc using the Agent Profiler that was released back with Domino 7. T

Notes 8 Icon Table

Steve Castledine  August 23 2007 03:07:38 AM GMT -6
Notes 8 help does not have the updated view/column icon table in it. So for my benefit and others I have posted the table here: I will be creating a "Hot Topic" list on this site soon and adding this

"Open in Designer"

Steve Castledine  August 22 2007 06:56:55 AM GMT -6
Update on below: It seems the option in question is the "Open in Designer" on the worksapce tabs - at the top: The tip below still stands though as that was another "gotcha" for a few people. A co

Todays the day

Steve Castledine  August 17 2007 03:29:46 AM GMT -6
Todays the day:

WebQueryOpen Agents - The penny drops

Steve Castledine  August 15 2007 04:45:00 AM GMT -6
Its been discussed at Codestore and I also see an entry at Domino2 today. Repeat after me "WebQueryOpenAgents do not have to be bad". Developers make them bad, by not thinking through the load they pu

Tip for getting hold of category counts in Lotusscript

Steve Castledine  August 13 2007 03:15:00 PM GMT -6
I came across a quality tip that I had not thought of before for calculating the number of documents in categories of documents, when using Lotusscript. My initial thought (but not that efficient) i

Hectic Week

Steve Castledine  August 10 2007 04:47:59 AM GMT -6
Having a hectic week with working days extending past midnight over the past 3 days to meet some deadlines (that I am probably 2 days behind on). Football season starts tommorrow - yay! Here's som

IBM Redbooks - Building Composite Applications

Steve Castledine  August 2 2007 04:18:22 AM GMT -6
A new redbook is available (been available for a few weeks now) entitled "Building Composite Applications". You can find it here.

Theme Manager Name?

Steve Castledine  July 16 2007 04:30:00 AM GMT -6
I was working on the "Theme Manager" last night and I thought I needed a name. I spent about ten seconds on this subject and decided on "Blog Enterprise" which actually isn't that great and doesn't

Theme Manager Update

Steve Castledine  July 13 2007 05:58:23 AM GMT -6
I have had some time to spend on the "Theme Manager" of late. It probably will not be called that at full release, as it will do a whole lot more as it will be a full enterprise blog management tool (

Removing "Prohibit Design Refresh" from "Using" and "About" Documents

Steve Castledine  July 12 2007 05:18:29 AM GMT -6
Mary Beth reports: The "About This Application" and "Using This Application" documents for the Mail template (Mail8.ntf) and the Contacts template (Pernames.ntf) have been updated for 8.0. However,

Wishing I could translate an attached image into binary like you can with a standard file

Steve Castledine  July 11 2007 01:29:36 PM GMT -6
Has anyone ever tried streaming a file attachment directly as binary that is attached as a document without first saving to the file system? I spent a bit of time investigating with java to see if I c

Stitched Up

Steve Castledine  July 6 2007 05:23:23 AM GMT -6
Actually that should be "unstitched" as I had my stiches out this morning from my hand wounds. Its getting easier to use my right hand now with bandaging just remaining on one finger. The chunk that w

Saving Rich Text fields as HTML/MIME

Steve Castledine  June 27 2007 06:36:02 AM GMT -6
Out of interest does anyone that read this blog ever, within their custom notes applications, use the facility where you can set a rich text field to store as mime/html so you can programmatically acc

Rich Text/MIME link bug affecting blog template - Notes 8 Beta 3

Steve Castledine  May 31 2007 05:15:00 AM GMT -6
A small warning to beta testers of Notes 8 Beta 3 who use the blog template. There is a bug in rich text where automatic hotspots are being created incorrectly. I have seen this affect the creation

Another fine looking Blog from Eric Mack

Steve Castledine  May 31 2007 04:15:19 AM GMT -6
Notes on Productivity is Eric Mack's latest blog. The design has been created by the talented Tanny O'Haley (check his Domino Blog site out as well - looks neat). Eric latest post "An intelligence te

Thanks Bruce and Good Luck Vince

Steve Castledine  May 30 2007 04:52:14 AM GMT -6
Enough said at, but thanks Bruce and something I missed off - Good Luck Vince! (Shamelessly stolen from Bruce's Flickr).

Microsoft v IBM Lotus Domino competitive guide

Steve Castledine  May 30 2007 04:44:15 AM GMT -6
Picked up from Stuart McIntyre. A superb Microsoft v IBM Lotus Domino competitive guide. 13 Pages written by Craig Westney of IBM Software Services for Lotus (ISSL), detailing the Microsoft products

Notes 8 Beta 3 available

Steve Castledine  May 23 2007 04:51:38 PM GMT -6
Announced here. Fill your boots here.

Notes Public Access

Steve Castledine  May 14 2007 02:40:49 PM GMT -6
This is kind of a security warning. I have seen this a couple of times recently and I do not think the consequences are that obvious. If you create a form and set it to "Available to Public Access Us

Domino Unplugged

Steve Castledine  May 14 2007 08:20:18 AM GMT -6
I hadn't spotted this Dominoblog design until listening to Rob Wunderlich on the Taking Notes Podcast. Nice! It was converted by Sean Burgess. You will be pleased to know I have restarted on the The

Extending the IBM Lotus Notes V8 mail with Eclipse

Steve Castledine  May 11 2007 03:39:09 AM GMT -6
A new article on (ok developerWorks) "Extending the IBM Lotus Notes V8 mail with Eclipse". Its marked "Intermediate" but think its a great introductory on extending Notes using Eclipse and

SNUG Blog Presentation

Steve Castledine  May 8 2007 05:47:21 AM GMT -6
Here's the presentation I used at SNUG last week on the Blog Template (slideshare link and the direct file link below that). This will receive further work when I have time, I also plan to add some au

Second Life Notes 8 Reception Orientation Session Today

Steve Castledine  May 1 2007 03:00:21 AM GMT -6
Second Life Notes 8 reception Orientation Session today. Connect at either 9am EST or 9pm EST (6am/6pm PDT, 1:00 & 13:00 GMT) at secondlife://IBM9/54/63

Composite Applications Blog Sitemap

Steve Castledine  April 27 2007 04:10:44 AM GMT -6
I found this content index/site map useful over at the developerWorks composite application blog.

Intranet Journal - Setting Up the IBM Blogging Template

Steve Castledine  April 26 2007 01:16:13 PM GMT -6
John Roling has written a superb article over at Intranet Journal on setting up the IBM Blogging Template. I should also apologise to John as seeing the article reminded me that I told him I would he

Some new Notes 8 Lotusscript / Java functions

Steve Castledine  April 25 2007 04:38:05 AM GMT -6
From Andre - new code options in Notes 8. Note the get unread/read documents, plus "contains" and "merge" etc for Notes Document collections. There also updates to one of my key commands - "readvi

Second Life Reception for Notes/Domino 8 Beta

Steve Castledine  April 19 2007 04:55:14 AM GMT -6
There will be a celebration of the launch of Notes 8 Beta in Second Life at 9:00 AM EST and 9:00 PM EST on May 2nd, 2007. If you do not already have an avatar in Second Life, you can create one today

Scottish Notes User Group Conference

Steve Castledine  April 18 2007 10:27:28 AM GMT -6
Two weeks tomorrow (Thursday 3rd May) there is a free 1 day conference in Edinburgh covering the topics below. In addition I will be in attendance as part of "blog template on tour 2007 " (ok I made t

Cross Words for Domino anyone?

Steve Castledine  April 11 2007 03:38:44 AM GMT -6
Andre knows way too much stuff. See if you can complete his crossword (and please take that blog template from him - my inbox is getting full ;) ).

Extending the IBM Lotus Notes Sidebar and Toolbar

Steve Castledine  April 11 2007 03:30:53 AM GMT -6
This is an interesting piece "Extending the IBM Lotus Notes Sidebar and Toolbar" for those running the Notes 8 beta.

Building Composite Applications - IBM Redbook Draft

Steve Castledine  April 11 2007 03:10:30 AM GMT -6
There is now a draft IBM redbook available "Building Composite Applications" (planned publish date 15th May 2007). via Madicon

Enabling Comment Spam Protection - IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template

Steve Castledine  April 10 2007 04:06:45 AM GMT -6
Sometimes I wake up thinking "why did I do it like that". Actually I do that often, maybe I dream about my work which is 1) Probably sad and 2) Don't tell my employer I do things which I later think s

IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template - RSS Options

Steve Castledine  April 4 2007 09:53:41 AM GMT -6
By default the blog template provides RSS feeds out of the box and on the default theme you can see links to these on the left side bar. Clever browsers like Firefox will also pick up this feed aut

Creating an "about" or "contact" page for your blog

Steve Castledine  April 3 2007 01:39:10 PM GMT -6
Within the blog template pages such as "Contact" or "About" as classified as "Web Pages" as they do not form part of the blog content itself. You can find these "Web Pages" under "Resources/Web Page

Having Categorised Links/Blog Roll on your IBM Lotus Notes Blog

Steve Castledine  March 30 2007 06:40:00 AM GMT -6
By default when you add links to your blog roll they appear in a flat list sorted in alphabetical order. We may, however, wish to split these links into categories. For this example I will split the

Automatic meaningful page names with the IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template

Steve Castledine  March 29 2007 05:32:03 AM GMT -6
By default the blog template generates unique page names for your content like so: Sometimes you may wish to have a more meaningful page name such as "contact.htm" or "about.htm". This is achieved

PSC wins Beacon Award - and a blast from past

Steve Castledine  March 28 2007 04:08:07 AM GMT -6
John Head writes that PSC have won an IBM Beacon Award. Firstly congrats to those guys! This is a blast from the past, as I remember winning a Beacon Award myself very early on in my Domino career (

Copying more than a couple thousand documents with Notes 8

Steve Castledine  March 23 2007 02:50:18 PM GMT -6
Anyone notice this yet with Notes 8 Beta? Unless I am losing my memory thats a significant improvement over previous versions!

Changing the Character Encoding for your RSS Feeds

Steve Castledine  March 22 2007 05:47:18 AM GMT -6
The IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template uses a character encoding of UTF-8 by default for its RSS feeds. However you may wish to change this to say iso-8859-1in order to provide for an extended character se

Tanny O’Haley has a great new design too!

Steve Castledine  March 21 2007 11:23:15 AM GMT -6
The talented Tanny O'Haley has also updated hig blog design. Welcome to Ocean, a design I've been working on for about a month. I started out by going to Layout Gala for the structure. I chose a desi

So you want some blog documentation?

Steve Castledine  March 21 2007 09:35:24 AM GMT -6
After talking to a colleague I remembered that draft documentation is within the Notes 8 Beta 2 Help:


Steve Castledine  March 1 2007 09:53:00 AM GMT -6
From responses yesterday I think I need to concentrate on: Create a Beginners Guide both as an article, and I think I will try a videocast of some sort Create a wiki and start to populate with all t

Lotus Notes Blog Template Articles - Open Floor

Steve Castledine  February 28 2007 11:32:11 AM GMT -6
If there is anything you wish me to do an article on in terms of explaining how to do something with the blog template, then let me know here. As long as it is relevant to many users etc I will see

Multiple level categorisation with the Blog Template

Steve Castledine  February 28 2007 06:45:00 AM GMT -6
By default the IBM Lotus Notes blog template has a single level of categorisation that is the standard for "blog" websites. Sometimes when more complex sites are built you may wish to have multiple

Podcasting with the IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template

Steve Castledine  February 26 2007 01:00:00 PM GMT -6
Setting Up for Podcasting You do not actually need to do anything to setup podcasting, but there are some things you can do to automate a few tasks. Setting an Default External Host It maybe more e

and another - ilionx Assured IT Solutions

Steve Castledine  February 26 2007 09:23:18 AM GMT -6
Another corporate site using the blog template - ilionx Assured IT Solutions

FoCul make use of IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template for Corp Homepage

Steve Castledine  February 23 2007 11:18:21 AM GMT -6
UK based IBM Business Partner FoCul have migrated their corp website from Mambo to the IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template - nice job!

Blog Power

Steve Castledine  February 7 2007 05:23:30 AM GMT -6
I've seen two examples of the power of blog's today. Firstly yesterday's post on the SNAP preview bought about not just comment on my thoughts by readers but also comment from the organisation themse

CoffeeSpot Theme

Steve Castledine  January 24 2007 09:29:50 AM GMT -6
At the request of some customers today, I have made available the CoffeeSpot theme for the IBM Lotus Notes Domino blog template for download below. When I return to the UK in February I will complete

Just Wrong

Steve Castledine  January 23 2007 12:48:47 AM GMT -6


Steve Castledine  January 22 2007 07:12:47 PM GMT -6
I think I picked a good year to finally come to the IBM Lotus mecca. There is a lot of excitement not only for Notes/Domino but for the other products such as Lotus Connections and QuickR (I would hav

Blogsphere bites the dust

Steve Castledine  January 22 2007 06:49:45 PM GMT -6
I'm not sure how this happened but I turned around and I was instantly faced by a baying blogsphere crowd at the Lotusphere opening party. Hundreds of bloggers all wanting dominoblog blood. It wasn'

Landed in Orlando

Steve Castledine  January 20 2007 04:56:24 PM GMT -6
A smooth day that started at 4am (100 mile drive to Manchester airport) - and I arrived at my hotel room (All Star Sports - aka Butlins) by 5:30pm Florida time (10:30pm by my body clock). 3 Hours sl

Lotusphere 2007

Steve Castledine  January 18 2007 05:00:00 AM GMT -6
Well the event is almost upon us. The following is where I will be - come and see me - ask me questions. Especially come to the labs and ask me questions on the blog template (please) then I will be b

Domino Blog Template - Attachments Part 1

Steve Castledine  December 21 2006 06:15:00 AM GMT -6
This will be a two part article as attachments are handled differently in the blog template than you might expect. However this leads to interesting ways of using this feature to create solutions such

Domino Blog Template - Adding a "Blog Roll" to your site

Steve Castledine  December 20 2006 06:45:00 PM GMT -6
The default template that comes with the blog template does not have a "blog roll" configured. However it is relatively straightforward to create one. Adding links to the database The actual links

Domino Blog Template - Restricting amount of content displayed for each entry on homepage

Steve Castledine  December 19 2006 05:45:00 PM GMT -6
By default when you create new entries in the blog database, the full entry is displayed on the homepage. Sometimes it might be preferable to show a small amount of the text and/or have users click

Domino Blog Template - Be notified when someone adds a comment

Steve Castledine  December 8 2006 08:39:16 AM GMT -6
The Lotus Notes blog template has the facility to notify you or a group of people when someone has added a comment to your site. There are two stages to setting this up. The first is to specify who

Domino Blog Template - Highlighting Author Comments

Steve Castledine  December 5 2006 06:07:00 AM GMT -6
The Lotus Notes blog template allows us to highlight comments entered by the content author's. I have this setup on this site (see right). To do this is quite straightforward. First of all we need t

Expeditor 6.1

Steve Castledine  November 28 2006 11:02:58 AM GMT -6
Expeditor 6.1 is now released publically - so you can find out what it is here. IBM Lotus Expeditor provides the client, the corresponding server side connectors, and a toolkit for a variety of capa

Blix Theme for IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template

Steve Castledine  November 23 2006 05:00:00 AM GMT -6
So you want to look like me? Wouldn't recommend it so here is the Notes application for the theme for my blog instead ( at bottom of post).

Domino Blog Template - Adding Email and Website Links to Comments

Steve Castledine  November 22 2006 08:01:48 AM GMT -6
The default blog theme does not include links to the email or website addresses of users that have posted comments. Should you wish to add these links, then this can be done very easily and you hav

Lotusphere Sessions

Steve Castledine  November 17 2006 04:45:43 AM GMT -6
Almost a non blogging week - been very busy. Anyway Lotusphere - I had mentioned I will be presenting this time around (yay) but I didn't cover what. Well I will be doing two sessions. A jumpstart

Domino Blog Template - Creating a new Theme Part 2

Steve Castledine  November 10 2006 09:30:00 AM GMT -6
In part one of this two part series, I showed you have to create the homepage and the services running off it such as the archives and RSS feeds etc. This article will show you how to edit the other p

See you at Lotusphere 2007!

Steve Castledine  November 9 2006 03:35:05 PM GMT -6
Just had confirmation that I will be presenting at Lotusphere 2007, Orlando! Will post more details soon - but this is exciting news! I will be on Honeymoon in January as well - in Florida! Might

Phigment and Jonvon Show

Steve Castledine  November 8 2006 05:15:48 PM GMT -6
Sean Burgess and John Vaughan are doing a session at Lotusphere 2007 on the blog template - can't wait to see this! Congrats!!!!

Domino Blog Template - Creating a new Theme Part 1

Steve Castledine  November 7 2006 03:15:00 PM GMT -6
This article will go through the process you can use to take an existing design that has been created by a web designer (maybe your corporate look and feel) or is perhaps already available to other bl

Lotus Notes Domino 7.0.2 Incremental Installers available

Steve Castledine  November 7 2006 11:46:45 AM GMT -6
The incremental installers for Lotus Notes Domino 7.0.2 are now available from (developerWorks).

DeveloperWorks Blog

Steve Castledine  November 7 2006 11:39:01 AM GMT -6
How cool is this - a new developerWorks blog using the domino blog template - blends in nicely with the current site. I know I should grow up - but for me it is still cool to have my software running

Domino Blog Template - HTML options within Rich Text

Steve Castledine  November 2 2006 08:15:00 AM GMT -6
There are many options surrounding the use of Rich Text and HTML and combinations of within the Domino Blog Template. This article will try and explain some of these options. Standard Rich Text By

DominoWiki 1.1

Steve Castledine  November 2 2006 05:25:44 AM GMT -6
Ben Poole has released DominoWiki 1.1 over at OpenNTF - I have just downloaded and will be playing later. Its interesting how many innovative solutions have come out of the UK and Ireland (thanks De

Integrating YAHOO.ext.BorderLayout with Domino - Tim Tripcony

Steve Castledine  November 1 2006 02:37:58 PM GMT -6
This is sweet:

Domino Blog Template - XHTML Mode

Steve Castledine  November 1 2006 04:38:47 AM GMT -6
The Lotus Notes 7.0.2 blog template can either run in "XHTML" mode or standard HTML. To switch the XHTML mode on or off, goto the configuration document and tabs "Site Settings" (default) and "Conte

Domino Blog Template - Adding Comment Numbering

Steve Castledine  October 31 2006 07:15:00 AM GMT -6
Comment numbering is actually one of the features that the default skin for the blog template has out of the box. However it is helpfull to know how it is done so it can be incorporated into your skin

Converting from DominoBlog v3 to IBM Lotus Notes 7.0.2 Blog Template

Steve Castledine  October 30 2006 05:59:21 AM GMT -6
Apologies I should have done this a while ago - it was such a simple piece of code to write in the end. Anyway I have attached a zip file containing a notes database with an agent that will do the co

Friday Fun

Steve Castledine  October 27 2006 11:51:57 AM GMT -6
For you, but not for me. I wrote the code to update from the old Dominoblog Template to the new IBM version. Ran the agent and then refreshed the design from the new template. Everything worked gr

Domino Blog Template - Emailing Content to your Blog

Steve Castledine  October 27 2006 07:27:35 AM GMT -6
Whilst looking around for some documentation today, I came across an old Video Blog/Cast that I did a while ago on the subject of adding content to your site via email. You can download it here. Be w

Domino Blog Template - Who is posting comments in your organization and what pages are they reading?

Steve Castledine  October 26 2006 01:45:00 PM GMT -6
If your blog is open to anonymous access then most of this information will be of little relevance. However if you have authenticated users it shows how you can see who really is posting comments and

Adding Author Images to your blog

Steve Castledine  October 20 2006 05:45:00 AM GMT -6
When using the Lotus Notes blog template, you may have multiple authors and wish to display a picture automatically beside each entry in order to easily identify each post. So that this is an autom

One of my favourite Notes/Domino Features

Steve Castledine  October 20 2006 04:42:30 AM GMT -6
Just the ability to sit here and be able to adminstrate/fix/help/develop on any notes client or web based application, for any person anywhere in the world (if they have given me permission) just like

I blog, You blog, weblog

Steve Castledine  October 19 2006 04:32:41 AM GMT -6
As picked up by Ed, the IBM homepage has a feature on blogging right now. This feature highlights Ed and the Lotus Notes blogging template. Nice work and great graphics!


Steve Castledine  October 11 2006 07:42:43 AM GMT -6
Today I say a farewell to Relationships do not always last forever, and this one nearly reached four years until I cheated on her and ran off with IBM. It hurts to say that dominob

Collecting Statistics from the Domino Blog Template

Steve Castledine  October 6 2006 04:04:50 AM GMT -6
Using this technote you can download a sample statistics template and record site usage of your blog site. Previously statistics were contained within the same database as the blog content, however

Podcast with Bruce and Julian talking about blog template

Steve Castledine  October 5 2006 06:21:56 AM GMT -6
Yesterday I had fun with Bruce and Julian and took part in their Lotus Notes Podcast. Episode 34 includes myself talking about the blog template. Listening to myself over audio is the equivalent of

Differences between Dominoblog and 7.0.2 Blog Template

Steve Castledine  October 4 2006 05:09:44 AM GMT -6
There are differences between my old dominoblog template and the version distributed by IBM. One of the technotes I have written describes these differences and it is now available here. You can pos

Notes/Domino 7.0.2 Blog Template Out

Steve Castledine  October 2 2006 04:33:10 AM GMT -6
The blog template for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 7.0.2 is now available. You can find the template with the Server install. I will write some entries on this template over the next few weeks to highli

Ten Years Today

Steve Castledine  September 29 2006 06:51:33 AM GMT -6
Ten years ago today I switched jobs to a Lotus Business Partner from a Microsoft Business Partner. Therefore switching from consulting/developing with Exchange, VB and NT to Lotus Notes. I'm so glad I

Future and Language protecting your Notes Application

Steve Castledine  August 10 2006 06:00:00 AM GMT -6
Alias's, Alias's, Alias's! Now in the most part I will be preaching to the converted. However from my time before IBM and consulting and developing for many companies that the concept of "Alias Name

Lots to say - no time to say it!

Steve Castledine  August 3 2006 11:07:41 AM GMT -6
I had ideas for 3-4 show and tells this week - a couple around what I have picked up on this week on best practice for notes template development (the sort of thing that doesn't matter for 95% of deve

Notes Templates

Steve Castledine  August 1 2006 10:00:00 AM GMT -6
I've been a bit quiet of late, mostly because i have had my head down working and also filling up on information (working out acronyms!). I go through these phases of soaking up as much info as poss

First 7.0.2 IBM Blog Public Site Running

Steve Castledine  July 21 2006 04:52:44 AM GMT -6
Jeff Eisen (Chief Architect for Lotus Notes) now has a blog running and he is using the 7.0.2 IBM blog template. I'm not even eating my own dog food yet (I love that phrase) so I'm praying I didn't

Creating Rich Text from HTML

Steve Castledine  June 29 2006 07:00:00 PM GMT -6
Usually we use the Domino engine to produce HTML from our rich text content. Sometimes, however, we may wish to create rich text back in our database from a HTML source. One reason we may want to do

Lotus Notes Domino 7.0.2 Article out

Steve Castledine  June 21 2006 09:05:56 AM GMT -6
There is an article on Lotus Notes 7.0.2 on the IBM website read it here. Quote regarding the blog template: The 7.0.2 release also includes a blog template for creating online journals, bulletin

Document has Invalid Structure

Steve Castledine  June 9 2006 06:44:04 AM GMT -6
Was I having kittens yesterday/last night. I have some deadlines to meet and my application suddenly declared "Document has Invalid Structure" when I tried to save a document. I was like "what"? Thi

ILUG - Dublin

Steve Castledine  June 8 2006 10:42:49 AM GMT -6
Well I will going to the Irish Lotus User Group next Friday (June 16th). This will be my first conference type event as an IBM'er - well actually it will my first conference type event since - well

IBM Contributes Ajax Software Development Technology to Open Source Community

Steve Castledine  June 6 2006 03:27:38 AM GMT -6
Wow - IBM have contributed to the Dojo Javascript Toolkit: IBM today announced plans to contribute key intellectual assets to the open source community, in an effort to help companies and software d

Cross Platform Copy to Clipboard

Steve Castledine  June 1 2006 02:00:00 AM GMT -6
Copying text to the clipboard should be easy enough but I remember when I looked into it last year it was not as easy as you would think. You can of course use win32 calls etc - but we live in a mul

Simple Anti Comment Spam Trick

Steve Castledine  May 25 2006 02:00:00 AM GMT -6
Theres been a lot of spam issues going around the blogs of late. So to offer some assistance I will talk about one measure that is pretty much 100% effective against robot spam. It really is so simp

Field Hints in Lotus Notes

Steve Castledine  May 17 2006 11:00:00 AM GMT -6
I've been playing working with Lotus Notes for many many years now. Yet always I come across "basic" things that I just didn't know about for whatever reason. Take field hints. I only came across to

Two more blogs I have started reading

Steve Castledine  April 21 2006 08:15:00 AM GMT -6
I have added these 2 guys blogs to my blogroll. They are Notes/Domino and Java related and they seem to know some great stuff! Mikkel Heisterberg Ganapathiram Natarajan

IBM Demos

Steve Castledine  April 7 2006 12:44:16 PM GMT -6
This week I found a list of demos of IBM software that I never knew existed so I thought I would share this as I wish I had known about this before. Some key ones are Notes 7 and a tour of the Workpl

Microsoft to Lotus Notes Migration FUD Producer 2006

Steve Castledine  March 3 2006 10:04:50 AM GMT -6
To counter the Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino, I have written a tool myself but for the other way around (Microsoft to Lotus). It doesn't look as good, but it doesn't involve any

Microsoft Application Analyzer 2006 for Lotus Domino

Steve Castledine  March 1 2006 02:32:27 PM GMT -6
Well its out - I was going to try it out for a laugh. However it required a 100mb download to get hold of .net 1.1 (which I did) but it also only works on v5 and 6 of Notes - so stumped there. I will

Who are we?

Steve Castledine  February 14 2006 06:21:16 AM GMT -6
After doing some work on enhancing Dominoblog features for Technorati Tagging - the thought came to mind - "who are we"? If you do searches for "Lotus Notes" etc in Technorati tagging - very few res

Notes Sucks Again

Steve Castledine  February 9 2006 04:02:00 AM GMT -6
A common theme - it raises its head again. My thoughts:1) I will always dislike a rival football team. They could become the best and most entertaining team in the world - I will always dislike them.

Notes Is Dead

Steve Castledine  February 8 2006 03:30:00 AM GMT -6
Well - obviously it is most certainly not!In this spirit, I had a domain name which I planned on being a central resource for why it is not. But the usual time restraints! This is

SSL Domino and Attachments

Steve Castledine  February 2 2006 06:40:10 AM GMT -6
Has anyone had any experience of problems with a Domino 6 server, SSL, Internet Explorer and attachments and people accessing the site via a proxy and not being able to download the attachments?

I Love Lotusphere

Steve Castledine  January 27 2006 07:48:00 AM GMT -6
I love Lotusphere - yet I have never been.Every year I feel the buzz coming over the Atlantic, every year the content from blogs gets better and better. This year we even had podcasts (excellent job B

Lotusscript Send Mail Function

Steve Castledine  December 1 2005 08:41:38 AM GMT -6
I get asked this a lot - sending emails from lotusscript so the sender address etc is exactly what you want. Heres the function I use: Sub sendMail(recipient As String,sender As String,subject

Domino SMTP - Why would it?

Steve Castledine  November 22 2005 12:03:23 PM GMT -6
I setup a server to receive SMTP mail for a test domain. I also setup the DNS for the domain so mail got sent to my server. I restarted my SMTP and great it worked. Now it seems it doesn't - a

Lotus Awards

Steve Castledine  November 8 2005 10:15:43 AM GMT -6
As an IBM Business Partner I have had a lot of reminder emails regarding nominations for the Lotus Awards. In case I missed something I looked again today at the categories of which there are 7

New Version of Dominoblog Released

Steve Castledine  November 2 2005 04:01:28 PM GMT -6
I have released a new version of my Content Management/Blog software for IBM Lotus Notes at

Favourite Domino 7 Feature (to Date)

Steve Castledine  October 18 2005 05:24:58 AM GMT -6
Some people will not understand this one, but to me (a creative code monkey) the new Agent Profiling class in Notes/Domino 7 is just great. For the first time I can see how long each call is tak

Whats with this selection list!

Steve Castledine  October 15 2005 07:15:11 AM GMT -6
I love Lotus Notes and I love developing on the platform - its amazing! But little things annoy (like with every platform). How about this one - selecting a view for a dialog list - could the

Domino 7 uses lots more memory?

Steve Castledine  October 11 2005 08:09:15 AM GMT -6
Well I lobbed on Domino 7 server on my laptop yesterday - thats where I do most of my testing. My Laptop is just a lowly XP machine with 1 gig of ram. Since upgrading memory use by the agent

Domino 7 Goes Gold

Steve Castledine  August 30 2005 08:42:17 AM GMT -6
Domino 7 has gone gold. Via Bill and Ben. I never spotted the uk childrens program link with those two names until after I typed it in!

Browser Based Spell Checker for Lotus Notes

Steve Castledine  August 4 2005 04:09:57 PM GMT -6
Yes I am still mad. One of my current "playing around" projects is a cross browser spelling checker for Lotus Notes/Domino. I see lots of solutions out there - a lot are browser dependant, and

What is it with the Local Address Book?

Steve Castledine  August 4 2005 04:04:27 PM GMT -6
This has happened to me years ago - and has been happening to me again recently. I can make a change to my location document (which is in my local address book) - save it and it works fine. I

Today I am mostly...

Steve Castledine  June 22 2005 09:51:42 AM GMT -6
Today I am mostly pasting lotuscript into Java libraries and converting to Java - fun eh! Holidays tomorrow!

Unrestricted Agents and Java

Steve Castledine  June 22 2005 09:46:09 AM GMT -6
One frustration I have always had is unrestricted agents - java and especially internet communication. I do a lot of java agents which do internet communication - because of the internet communic

Domino Forms and Characters sets

Steve Castledine  June 2 2005 05:05:10 AM GMT -6
Being the typical ignorant English speaking developer I am, character sets and languages etc have never been something I have considered a priority when developing applications. However a few of

An old chestnut

Steve Castledine  May 10 2005 10:54:16 AM GMT -6
An old chestnut I remembered today when trying to work out a "Notes Error - Entry Not Found in Index" problem from lotusscript. This particular view has its "Generate Unique Keys in Index" prope

Was I supposed to know this Notes "Feature"?

Steve Castledine  May 5 2005 09:36:52 AM GMT -6
Heres a something I ran into today. I have a form - a rich text field on that form - and a field "URL". I have discovered that after saving the document any "hotspot" links which are local (ie

Scheduled Agents

Steve Castledine  February 25 2005 08:26:16 AM GMT -6
Something I have been mulling over the past few days is scheduled agents and how you cannot programmatically change the scheduling and therefore cannot provide a user interface for people to adjust

Quickplace to CD archiving

Steve Castledine  February 10 2005 02:36:44 PM GMT -6
One client project I have on my books which is nearing my "do list" is to develop some software to spider a Quickplace site and create an archive which will run from a cd without domino etc. An

Lotus Notes RSS Reader - Work In Progress

Steve Castledine  January 19 2005 02:30:53 PM GMT -6
One of my many projects of late is building a free and open source RSS Reader for Lotus Notes. Well version 1 should be released this week - its starts simple - but it does the job and the code

Shoes on the other foot now Microsoft

Steve Castledine  January 17 2005 02:46:09 PM GMT -6
I don't need to talk about this entry on Ed's site - but what struck me was an insight from an Exchange guy. I picked up on the following comment on Jim Bernardo's MSN space: I understan

Never using a field called "author" again!

Steve Castledine  December 9 2004 02:15:28 PM GMT -6
I am so never using a field called "author" again in Notes - all day in lotusscript the "clever" IDE keeps changing the field to Authors - thinking thats what I want - I know its my own stupid faul