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Steve Castledine


Jumpstart Tree O Tree

Steve Castledine  February 16 2007 07:06:51 AM GMT -6
Declan has already done this, but for my own purposes the Lotusphere 2007 Jumpstart 303 presentation is available at the end of this post.

I am ...

Steve Castledine  January 26 2007 07:25:30 PM GMT -6
Still on a high In Tampa Hungover This past week has been an amazing experience - and a learning experience. I so hope I did well enough to get invited back next year. I have a lot of thoughts

What a day

Steve Castledine  January 25 2007 07:53:30 AM GMT -6
Wednesday was probably my favourite day yet - on a personal level. All my sessions were done and I could relax a bit. I even got to go to my first session of the week at 8am! (and my second at 4:30pm

JSON Support in Domino

Steve Castledine  January 24 2007 01:20:44 PM GMT -6
I've been dieing to mention this one - but obviously I have strict rules to follow at IBM. It has been announced now so I can say it. Domino 8 Server will support JSON for ?ReadViewEntries, ?ReadDesi

Blogging from the Ask the Developers Lab - Asia 1

Steve Castledine  January 24 2007 09:14:02 AM GMT -6
I wonder if this is allowed? I just wanted to be the first to do it! I've been in the labs for an hour and 15 minutes so far today - non stop customers questions which is just great. I have a brief r

Bill-Sphere - Clogs and all

Steve Castledine  January 23 2007 08:43:34 PM GMT -6
This is funny - I was standing about where the camera was filming - I can hear myself laughing and shouting. It hurt! via hochwald - I think filmed by Warren

ID111 - After Blogging - Who’s Reading Your Blog and why?

Steve Castledine  January 23 2007 08:01:19 PM GMT -6
I have attached the presentation for todays session. This was one I was practising at 3am this morning - and for a lot of the day with my presentation partner Sandra. There was a low turn out for th

Just Wrong

Steve Castledine  January 23 2007 12:48:47 AM GMT -6