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CoComment - is it only me that it breaks Internet Explorer?

Steve Castledine  March 2 2007 02:57:17 AM GMT -6
I have noticed recently that blogs in this community (I don't think all of them) that use CoComment kill my Internet Explorer browser dead (no comments on Firefox! I do use firefox - but as a develope

Note to myself - Do not picture message from the US to the UK

Steve Castledine  February 22 2007 03:51:12 AM GMT -6
Unless you are happy to pay 11 uk pounds a shot! Wow - how do they get to that cost for data!

What is it with Airline booking systems?

Steve Castledine  December 20 2006 07:57:03 AM GMT -6
I'm sure airlines are in cahoots to earn money wherever they can. Because of the passport saga it is easier to get Sue's name changed on the ticket so it reflects her passport name (the passport offi

Bother, Bother, Bother

Steve Castledine  November 6 2006 12:29:40 PM GMT -6
You know that feeling when somehow you lose a lot of work? Well I have it right now. I have been writing the biggest article on the blog template like ever. Somehow with all my switching between doc

Damn Lorry Driver!

Steve Castledine  August 11 2006 04:21:07 AM GMT -6
Anyone that reads this blog may remember a truck clipping my car a few weeks back. Well I got a letter from my insurance company today reading: We have spoken to the 3rd Party company who confir

Not a good Day!

Steve Castledine  July 19 2006 10:40:55 AM GMT -6
Some weeks should just be forgotten! I've had a few things cause me grief this week, the worst being the heat (35c 95f) has killed the air pump to my temporary fish pool (the air pipes running out o

Will it ever stop raining?

Steve Castledine  May 22 2006 05:05:09 AM GMT -6
Its been raining everyday for quite a while now and the next 5 days do not look any different. What amazes me is we have water shortages and hosepipe bans etc in England right now. I'm thinking somew

Annoying x2

Steve Castledine  January 24 2006 10:23:28 AM GMT -6
The first annoying thing is my firewall sprung a leak when its trial period ended and let all sorts of nasty viruses/trojan horses etc in and within a day or so my Microsoft Server was reduced to m

Petrol Madness

Steve Castledine  September 14 2005 03:38:00 PM GMT -6
It was bad enough the price of fuel going up so much this year - now where I live you can't even buy any! The latest round of threatened "Fuel Protests" have meant everyone has gone mad and fil

Spam Gits!

Steve Castledine  September 7 2005 07:35:00 AM GMT -6
Got to moan about this one! Been getting loads of emails today saying stuff like "Relaying Denied" etc.Turns out some git has been sending spam mail (not through my servers - they will not allow it) u

Spam Madness

Steve Castledine  April 14 2005 04:20:26 PM GMT -6
The people who send comment spam to blogs etc really are the pond life of the world! I just checked my rejected log for (I cleared it out 3 weeks ago) - almost 1,800 have been post

Onetel, Onetel, Onetel

Steve Castledine  March 30 2005 07:06:21 AM GMT -6
If they just call me one more time !!!! What a nitemare they are - calling me most days sometimes more than once to tell me about their call charges. I've never used them in my life (nor ever wil

Outlook - just notepad with a send button?

Steve Castledine  January 10 2005 05:25:54 PM GMT -6
Theres been a bit of "Notes is Crap" going round the blogs over the last few days - in fact I do not remember an entry on Ed Brill's blog getting so many comments. Anyway - my point. I think "


Steve Castledine  December 5 2004 03:10:25 PM GMT -6