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Now Listening - Linkin Park

Steve Castledine  May 18 2007 05:00:57 AM GMT -6
My latest Album download is Linkin Park's new album "Minutes to Midnight" - its not disappointing! ;)

New Arctic Monkeys album - cracking Record Label

Steve Castledine  April 25 2007 05:56:57 AM GMT -6
A new Arctic Monkeys album was released this week and I think it is breaking all download and purchase records right now (which their first album also did). I love the name of their record label as s

Depeche Mode

Steve Castledine  September 27 2005 07:15:35 AM GMT -6
I've always been a big Depeche Mode fan - so I downloaded the new single "Precious" yesterday and I love it. The last couple of albums have been "ok" with a couple of decent tracks - but they neve


Steve Castledine  December 16 2004 01:24:16 PM GMT -6
One of the cd's I bought this week was Kasabian - a band who come from the city I live - Leicester, UK. I heard one of their tracks a few months ago and I thought I really like that - but surely

Linkin Park and Jay-Z Collab

Steve Castledine  November 30 2004 05:00:00 PM GMT -6
I bought the new (well in UK) collaboration Album (CD and DVD) between Linkin Park and Jay-Z at the weekend - its great. I've always been a massive Linkin Park fan and Jay-Z - so its great to hear