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Who pulled the plug out?

Steve Castledine  October 19 2007 05:37:30 AM GMT -6
Here's the usual scene on the canal in front of the house: Here's a few weeks back when someone must have not closed one of the locks properly. It was strange to walk alongside and see the fish spla

Back to Work

Steve Castledine  July 30 2007 09:45:00 AM GMT -6
Home and back to work. Always a strange day the monday after you fly home from a nice holiday resort. We had a fantastic time in Tenerife. It pays to research your destination and hotel before booki

Off to Edinburgh later today

Steve Castledine  May 2 2007 05:36:10 AM GMT -6
I'm off to Edinburgh later today hopefully getting there just after 8pm (it takes about 5-6 hours to get there). I'm hoping to catch most of Man Utd v Milan when I get there. Congrats to Liverpool on

London, Friday 20th April

Steve Castledine  April 19 2007 05:02:55 AM GMT -6
I'm working in central London tomorrow (Friday 19th April). This will be a shock to the system after working a timezone which represents almost the east coast of the US. So getting up at 5:45am is goi

Back to Reality

Steve Castledine  February 2 2007 12:08:00 PM GMT -6
Back to earth with a bump today being that my life has been on speed since about December 22nd what with Christmas, wedding, honeymoon, Lotusphere, and my work in Tampa. Yesterday I arrived home at 1

5 Things you may or may not know about me

Steve Castledine  January 18 2007 04:07:56 AM GMT -6
I was tagged by colleague Ted Stanton a while ago when I was away - so here is mine - very quickly. 1) I'm 34, married (just), no kids (yet - the wife is keen to start), live in Leicester, United Kin

Home - for now!

Steve Castledine  January 15 2007 10:15:00 AM GMT -6
We arrived back in England over the weekend and then we slept and slept. Then had everyone round for a welcome home thing - and slept again! We also managed dinner at Sue's parents and a pub quiz - so

It’s done - married and all that!

Steve Castledine  January 2 2007 08:29:29 AM GMT -6
What a party we had! It truly was perfect in every way. I am still suffering today - we start out honeymoon journey in an hour. These are the only pictures I have right now - there will be better ones

Signing out - Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone!

Steve Castledine  December 22 2006 07:45:17 AM GMT -6
Time to sign out and wish everyone a Happy Christmas and Fantastic New Year! I don't think I will be blogging in the meantime, so when I come back I will be married, be back from Florida and panicki

The Stress Builds!

Steve Castledine  December 20 2006 04:57:25 AM GMT -6
Who says moving house is the most stressfull thing you can do? I remember that pain but it is nothing like working, company accounts, Christmas, wedding, honeymoon, and Lotusphere all in one go. I was

Cost of a Wedding in the UK

Steve Castledine  December 4 2006 12:54:51 PM GMT -6
As you may have gathered I am geting married this New Years eve here in Quorn, Leicester, UK. Now no matter what you try (limiting Sue to six bridesmaids cough), these things are not cheap. This thi

Great weekend but now I am..

Steve Castledine  December 4 2006 12:32:03 PM GMT -6
Totally shattered. Thanks to everyone who made it great - I hope you feel better than I.

Last Weekend of Freedom

Steve Castledine  December 1 2006 03:51:41 AM GMT -6
Well so I thought - but I have been reminded that was years ago! Anyway things have come round quicker than I thought and whilst in my mind my wedding has been over a year away, I find out it is now

First day of Winter

Steve Castledine  October 30 2006 05:28:48 AM GMT -6
I was told it was the first day of winter yesterday. Funny, it was 18 celcius (64.4 F) and I was wearing a t-shirt outside (and I was further north in the Peak District). The trees are fairly green st

Nuts Weather

Steve Castledine  October 3 2006 03:50:50 AM GMT -6
Its cooled a little today but September was the warmest on record around these parts with some warm sunny days right into October. On top of that we have been having tropical storms every other day ov

Robbie Williams, Barcelona, Weddings

Steve Castledine  September 28 2006 12:44:10 PM GMT -6
Well its been a while - what with breaks away, weddings, concerts and work etc its been very hectic indeed. Robbie Williams in concert was a cracker supported by Orson and Basement Jaxx. This conc

Elton John

Steve Castledine  June 27 2006 07:01:24 AM GMT -6
Tonight I am going to see Elton John in Nottingham (UK). Now this is not my bag (at all) but I will go with an open mind and Sue is desperate to go (even though her friends have really ribbed her for

Two Week Challenge

Steve Castledine  June 16 2006 04:44:44 AM GMT -6
The not so in the distant future Mrs Castledine wants to move house. Mainly because she wants to have "our" house not the inherited bachelor house - which I understand - but hey money does not grow on

World Cup starts Today

Steve Castledine  June 9 2006 02:18:53 AM GMT -6
Well it is almost upon us now, Germany and Costa Rica kick off the World cup this evening (5pm GMT) which is the start of 64 games in about a month. With the news that Wayne Rooney seems fit to play

Bank holiday mondays have one thing I don’t like..

Steve Castledine  May 30 2006 10:31:10 AM GMT -6
The tuesday after them! Man is my brain running at half pace today! Tommorrow I will have to get an early start there is so much work I need to do this week. Over the weekend we hopped off our little

You fat b******

Steve Castledine  May 24 2006 07:30:14 AM GMT -6
Excuse the title - but its a self statement. Gradually over the last 12 months I've added some blubber. Now I've always been heavy (I am six foot, 33 years old and pretty broad) - if I go much below

My kind of wedding planning

Steve Castledine  April 27 2006 07:15:23 AM GMT -6
I frequently get asked "Hows the wedding planning going Steve?". My usual answer is "Fine, I guess". I have to admit I have been rubbish when it has come to the whole thing. Sue has pretty much sorte

Busy Busy

Steve Castledine  March 14 2006 11:39:29 AM GMT -6
Time doesn't seem to exist right now! Heres some special rice I picked up in a noodle bar last weekend!

Elvis is alive!

Steve Castledine  November 22 2005 03:27:47 AM GMT -6
I have a series of these to publish - here is Sue and myself looking as Elvis and Monroe.

How to be ungrateful

Steve Castledine  November 21 2005 01:49:32 PM GMT -6
My birthday this year was slightly overshadowed by sue's 30th the week before (understatement of the year - she had the biggest party ever). Therefore I was expecting everyone to be partied out

33 Today!

Steve Castledine  November 19 2005 04:13:01 AM GMT -6
These birthdays keep getting closer together I'm sure - I thought I was 25 only last week!

Small World

Steve Castledine  September 28 2005 06:40:21 AM GMT -6
When I was on holiday this year in Antigua we visited the volcanic island of Montserrat. Whilst there (we flew by helicopter) I took the following image from a throw away camera. This and the full

Speed Awareness Course

Steve Castledine  August 12 2005 12:17:55 PM GMT -6
On Wednesday I attended the Speed Awareness Course here in Leicester. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - about 20 "mostly guilty" looking people put in a room for 3 hours to listen and

Better News on Speeding Points

Steve Castledine  July 25 2005 10:07:55 AM GMT -6
Some good news on my recent speeding (36 mph in a 30 limit road) because it is classed as a "lower limit" I have been given the choice of a "Speed Awareness Course" or the 3 points. Speed Awaren

Do I smell Wedding Cake?

Steve Castledine  July 14 2005 08:22:47 AM GMT -6
We did many fantastic things whilst on holiday which I will detail another time. However the main event was getting engaged to my girlfriend Sue in a helicopter whilst returning from the Volcanic i

Back again!

Steve Castledine  July 14 2005 07:48:22 AM GMT -6
Well I am back again safe and sound. Our holiday was absolutely amazing - I wish I was there (Antigua) for another month. I have a lot of things planned over the next few months so life is goi

Back Soon...

Steve Castledine  June 23 2005 04:41:16 AM GMT -6

Wedding Weekend

Steve Castledine  June 13 2005 05:48:50 PM GMT -6
The weekend was busy - main part being a friends wedding at a hotel which was fabulous. We arrived home on sunday at 1pm after drinking from 11am until 2am (I was out friday as well) then I had

Two Weeks to go!

Steve Castledine  June 8 2005 06:00:00 AM GMT -6
Two weeks to go and I will be flying off to Antigua in the Caribbean for two weeks of sun, beaches and a lot of fun away from Computers!

BBQ Days

Steve Castledine  May 31 2005 01:03:57 PM GMT -6
Well for a change the weather was great over the bank holiday weekend - so a BBQ planned a month previous worked out very well - and without rain! We decided on a Bouncy Castle this year - it we

Back Already

Steve Castledine  March 15 2005 07:44:49 AM GMT -6
Well no sooner had we gone away - we are back - boo! Just spent 4 days at Sherwood Forest (to you American tourists this is where Robin Hood lived) - doing the outdoor pursuits thing (apart from no tents!! - Villas only for me) - the self imposed alcohol ban lasted an hour - although I do feel refreshed and ready to crack on with work again! Some Photos below:

New years Resolutions

Steve Castledine  January 10 2005 02:56:00 PM GMT -6
Better late than never - we are 10 days into the new year now and I've decided to make some resolutions. A resolution that I have had for the last few years is to learn spanish - this year I will

Happy New Year to all!

Steve Castledine  December 31 2004 11:10:40 AM GMT -6
Happy new year to all - hopefully will not feel too ill tommorrow!


Steve Castledine  December 1 2004 03:45:15 PM GMT -6
Last weekend I played Paintball for the first time. It was great fun - although heavy on the pocket (cost some 80 uk pounds in total for 6-7 hours due to the cost of the ammo). We had 12 diff