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Tom Tom One

Steve Castledine  April 10 2007 03:12:02 AM GMT -6
I finally succumbed and bought a Tom Tom One last week ready for the holiday weekend trip away to the coast. The prices have dropped a lot since they first came out. I got hold of mine for around 140

USBCell - Batteries that charge over USB

Steve Castledine  September 21 2006 07:24:56 AM GMT -6
Interesting : We've seen some utterly bonkers USB technology in our time: USB Lotus Notes Client on a stick, USB heated gloves and slippers, a variety of USB-powered adult toys, USB barbeques and US

Anyone got a Second Life?

Steve Castledine  August 4 2006 06:03:30 AM GMT -6
About 4 months ago I downloaded Second Life and started to dabble. Second Life is a 3D online world (apparently inhabited by more than 370,000 people) where you could if you so wished live a "Second

Social Networking Becomes Work

Steve Castledine  April 20 2006 12:25:27 PM GMT -6
An interesting article in the Financial Times today regarding Blogs and Wikis at work today. This topic is of course of major interest to me with my dabbling in the blog arena ;) To quote: "Experts

Microsoft Sharepoint Server

Steve Castledine  March 6 2006 10:55:00 AM GMT -6
I have a customer that Sharepoint is being touted to instead of Domino for some content management functionality.Anyone have any quick competitive points I can use against it in case I get asked befor

Flock - Another Browser?

Steve Castledine  October 28 2005 03:11:46 AM GMT -6
I came across a new browser today (its still in preview) - flock. The actual browser is essentially Firefox, albeit with a bigger footprint, so at least it is Mozilla based and not yet another

I want a Mac

Steve Castledine  October 11 2005 09:45:19 AM GMT -6
I do! Its not because I want to test how Notes applications work on one (although I really need to do this). But because I want to use applications like Keynote 2. Ben I hope you get commiss

New Laptop - Sony Vaio FS215B

Steve Castledine  May 26 2005 04:14:17 AM GMT -6
My replacement laptop arrived today - I just spied a cup of tea within 10cm's of it - so just got it moved! I needed a quick replacement and also at a good price as this was not part of my bud


Steve Castledine  March 24 2005 12:43:06 PM GMT -6
Well after being pushed by Eric Mack, I have finally got myself onto Skype. My Skype name is "projectdxguy" - feel free to contact me if I am online! (all my IM contacts are also projectdxguy -

RSS is Great!

Steve Castledine  December 29 2004 06:51:03 AM GMT -6
Whilst RSS has been around a while and my sites have had RSS feeds a long time - I've never really used a feedreader. I've downloaded plenty - I've used them for a bit - then I stopped - don't know

IBM Goes XML in next Gen Database

Steve Castledine  December 9 2004 02:20:58 PM GMT -6
I picked up on a feature at the register today regarding IBM's plans for its next generation database. IBM announced its next generation database. The big news is that this will not be a relatio


Steve Castledine  December 7 2004 09:05:46 AM GMT -6
I downloaded the latest version of Groove yesterday - not because I'm thinking of getting into it in any big way - I just find it useful to understand and try other software in the field I work in.

Netscapes Coming Back

Steve Castledine  December 2 2004 02:07:29 PM GMT -6
I picked up on an article at reviewing the new "prototype" of the next Netscape browser. Now as a software/web developer the word "Netscape" used to send shivers down my spine - p