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Monthly Page Hit Record

Steve Castledine  December 1 2006 03:35:48 AM GMT -6
November saw a new record for monthly page impressions on this site. At 10,912 page impressions plus 63,335 RSS hits thats not too bad for a small site like this. Thats an average of 364 page reads a

So Spain out

Steve Castledine  June 28 2006 04:07:55 AM GMT -6
With Spain being beaten by France my last eight predictions are rocked and I'm down to six of them correct. I should have gone with what I thought prior to the World Cup on Portugal over Holland, but


Steve Castledine  November 9 2005 06:51:00 AM GMT -6
I do a lot of thinking about collaboration, content management, project management etc.My software at is part of these thoughts coming together and providing a tool to do all the things

iNotes 2?

Steve Castledine  December 17 2004 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
One of the many thoughts I have had recently is whether its worth building "another" web mail client for Domino. Whilst Domino web access for the mail client "works" for me and iNotes was ok -

To Contract or not to Contract? Part 2

Steve Castledine  December 15 2004 12:15:00 PM GMT -6
Since my original post on this subject my thoughts are still going around - what do I want to do, how do I want to do it - how do I make sure my bills are paid etc. One thing that has become cl

To Contract or not to Contract?

Steve Castledine  November 30 2004 05:20:00 PM GMT -6
I don't have a "Permanent Job" - I work as a software contractor - selling myself to whoever will take me for periods of time - 3 months, 6 months, a year etc. I've done it this way now for six