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coComment does not currently support IE

Steve Castledine  August 6 2007 02:23:50 AM GMT -6
"coComment does not currently support IE - however, we will be supporting IE by the end of August." a comment posted by a CoComment Employee. Sorry thats an absolute joke. Call me old fashioned, and

CoComment causing problems - again

Steve Castledine  August 5 2007 05:14:11 AM GMT -6
I had a few requests to automatically include coComment in the blog template, even before it was an IBM solution. The biggest reason I didn't is these "solutions" come and go. What is today's hot th

Whats a wiki?

Steve Castledine  August 2 2007 01:47:15 PM GMT -6
Some of us know what a wiki is, don't we? I was thinking, what actually defines a wiki? What are the minimal feature's we could say "is a wiki"? Is it enough to say "The ability for online users (

Kayuda Web based visual wiki come mind-mapping tool

Steve Castledine  March 22 2007 10:00:20 AM GMT -6
Built with Dojo Kayuda is: A web-based visual wiki, a mind-mapping tool, and a non-linear writing tool that allows you to track ideas and the relationships between them. It's free, and any number of

Insert RSS feeds into your content via Yahoo Pipes and Badger

Steve Castledine  February 27 2007 03:01:38 AM GMT -6
I came across a useful web utility that uses Yahoo Pipes called "Badger". This has been written by Kent Brewster. This enables you to embed an RSS feed into any web page. The utility gives you some o

Blog Power

Steve Castledine  February 7 2007 05:23:30 AM GMT -6
I've seen two examples of the power of blog's today. Firstly yesterday's post on the SNAP preview bought about not just comment on my thoughts by readers but also comment from the organisation themse

SNAP Preview

Steve Castledine  February 6 2007 05:52:34 AM GMT -6
I bet you thought I was writing a piece on implementing SNAP preview within the blog template! Well actually it is not. I'm unsure about this technology. I'm actually wondering what its purpose is a

Ross Mayfield and Robert Scoble talk Wiki’s/Blogs

Steve Castledine  December 6 2006 05:01:08 AM GMT -6
I love listening to these two guys, here they talk for over an hour on wiki's and blogs. They talk a lot of sense (well Ross Mayfield does the majority of the talking - anyone think he looks like Chr

DominoWiki 1.1

Steve Castledine  November 2 2006 05:25:44 AM GMT -6
Ben Poole has released DominoWiki 1.1 over at OpenNTF - I have just downloaded and will be playing later. Its interesting how many innovative solutions have come out of the UK and Ireland (thanks De

Integrating YAHOO.ext.BorderLayout with Domino - Tim Tripcony

Steve Castledine  November 1 2006 02:37:58 PM GMT -6
This is sweet:

Google takes over JotSpot

Steve Castledine  October 31 2006 11:42:11 AM GMT -6
All go on the Wiki front right now - Google has taken over JotSpot (from official Google blog) Lucky I have my test account - they are taking no new accounts right now. Wiki, Wiki, Wiki - I have lot


Steve Castledine  October 30 2006 03:08:27 PM GMT -6
Ross Mayfield reports that Socialtext (Enterprise Wiki software for those who have not come across it) has released SocialPoint which is Socialtext running on Microsoft Sharepoint. I think this is h