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1 Year an IBM employee

Steve Castledine  April 3 2007 05:34:32 AM GMT -6
Yes its already a year since I joined IBM. I can truly say it was one of the easiest and best career decisions I ever made. The past year has been an amazing experience what with joining, getting th

I blog, You blog, weblog

Steve Castledine  October 19 2006 04:32:41 AM GMT -6
As picked up by Ed, the IBM homepage has a feature on blogging right now. This feature highlights Ed and the Lotus Notes blogging template. Nice work and great graphics!

First 7.0.2 IBM Blog Public Site Running

Steve Castledine  July 21 2006 04:52:44 AM GMT -6
Jeff Eisen (Chief Architect for Lotus Notes) now has a blog running and he is using the 7.0.2 IBM blog template. I'm not even eating my own dog food yet (I love that phrase) so I'm praying I didn't

Phew what a long day!

Steve Castledine  June 12 2006 02:28:59 PM GMT -6
Today was the first day of my IBM induction (they group a bunch of people together so takes a while for it to come round). This meant getting up at 5am to do the 130ish mile drive to the training cent

Got my tattoo!

Steve Castledine  April 11 2006 07:23:12 AM GMT -6
Yesterday I got my IBM tattoo and blue rinsed hair done, together with my photo id, laptop etc at IBM, Staines. Any IBM'ers out there that want to chat about anything, please feel free to do so as I