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Twitter broke so will have to blog instead

Steve Castledine  May 20 2008 03:45:05 AM GMT -6
Twitter broke so I will have to blog instead :) Well the inevitable happened the other week and Leicester were relegated into the 3rd tier of English football for the first time, ever (now only 8 Eng

Please Help Me Its Lotus Notes

Steve Castledine  April 24 2008 02:04:17 PM GMT -6
So Ed mentioned "Tweetscanning" - a search of the Twitter 'verse. Its actually pretty interesting - well to me, at 8pm, when my mind is burnt from running through some unit tests. Anyway searching fo

Twitter, TwitNotes and Notes 8 Standard are just great

Steve Castledine  April 7 2008 07:46:08 AM GMT -6
I first used Twitter in the middle of last year and instantly dismissed it (to myself) as "pointless" and like watching paint dry - who needs to know who x eat for dinner? Twitter is a service for fr