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Steve Castledine

January 2005

    Dodgy Developer

    Steve Castledine  January 31 2005 01:05:09 PM GMT -6
    Me thinks my server may have been broken for a while - don't know how long as its been a busy weekend - but its fixed now. I've been running loads of test java code to see what breaks etc - and I

    Good News for Housewife

    Steve Castledine  January 27 2005 06:05:51 AM GMT -6
    Whilst walking through Leicester last week we came across this sign outside a Chinese Herbal shop - take from it as you wish! I need things to make me laugh today - got the dreaded flu (and not

    Beta 1 of FeedReader Available

    Steve Castledine  January 25 2005 06:40:35 PM GMT -6
    Well im not bothered that John Cleese was at Lotussphere and im not at all !! Now if someone had just tipped me off beforehand! Anyway - I have uploaded Beta 1 of my feedreader here - its very

    Lotus Notes RSS Reader - Work In Progress

    Steve Castledine  January 19 2005 02:30:53 PM GMT -6
    One of my many projects of late is building a free and open source RSS Reader for Lotus Notes. Well version 1 should be released this week - its starts simple - but it does the job and the code

    Shoes on the other foot now Microsoft

    Steve Castledine  January 17 2005 02:46:09 PM GMT -6
    I don't need to talk about this entry on Ed's site - but what struck me was an insight from an Exchange guy. I picked up on the following comment on Jim Bernardo's MSN space: I understan

    Webcams in Bangkok Hilton

    Steve Castledine  January 17 2005 01:05:21 PM GMT -6
    I guess there's no end to where webcams are being installed - now the Bangkwang Prison in Thailand wants to broadcast the daily lives of prisioners on death row - up until the point of excecution

    Half Decent Article Mentioning Workplace, Domino

    Steve Castledine  January 11 2005 03:10:16 AM GMT -6
    Via Bruce Elgort Manages to mention the word "Legacy" once - but then almost corrects itself by pointing out future versions of Domino (7 and 8). The article also points out that current Domino

    Outlook - just notepad with a send button?

    Steve Castledine  January 10 2005 05:25:54 PM GMT -6
    Theres been a bit of "Notes is Crap" going round the blogs over the last few days - in fact I do not remember an entry on Ed Brill's blog getting so many comments. Anyway - my point. I think "

    New years Resolutions

    Steve Castledine  January 10 2005 02:56:00 PM GMT -6
    Better late than never - we are 10 days into the new year now and I've decided to make some resolutions. A resolution that I have had for the last few years is to learn spanish - this year I will

    Leicester City 1 - QPR 0

    Steve Castledine  January 5 2005 05:25:32 PM GMT -6
    Well an unexpected victory at the Walkers stadium - I don't know exactly how it happened but we scraped a one nil victory over Queens Park Rangers on Monday. Scraped being the operative word - o