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Steve Castledine

January 2006

I Love Lotusphere

Steve Castledine  January 27 2006 07:48:00 AM GMT -6
I love Lotusphere - yet I have never been.Every year I feel the buzz coming over the Atlantic, every year the content from blogs gets better and better. This year we even had podcasts (excellent job B

Annoying x2

Steve Castledine  January 24 2006 10:23:28 AM GMT -6
The first annoying thing is my firewall sprung a leak when its trial period ended and let all sorts of nasty viruses/trojan horses etc in and within a day or so my Microsoft Server was reduced to m

Speaking English

Steve Castledine  January 16 2006 02:00:25 PM GMT -6
Speaking English is almost a passport to communication across most of the world (yet only about 10% speak it as their main tongue). I think us brits take it for granted. In Denmark everyone speak

Blogging From Denmark

Steve Castledine  January 15 2006 05:21:45 PM GMT -6
Tonight I am blogging from Denmark - not because I have much to say - but because I am bored - and if I am bored then anyone who reads this blog will have to be bored as well! One of the things

Happy New Year!

Steve Castledine  January 2 2006 08:56:47 AM GMT -6
Well back to work for me today (even though its a bank holiday). Flu since Christmas (the little blighter has still not gone properly yet) has totally messed up my work schedule so I am behind on e