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Steve Castledine

October 2005

    Happy Halloween!

    Steve Castledine  October 31 2005 02:14:29 PM GMT -6
    Witches look a lot better these days Sue! A great Halloween party was had over the weekend.


    Steve Castledine  October 28 2005 05:09:22 AM GMT -6
    I finally got a trackback this week - albeit a manual one. I have lots of others, but all spam, luckily blocked. I'm not sure about this technology. Its way too messy, and not that universal.

    Flock - Another Browser?

    Steve Castledine  October 28 2005 03:11:46 AM GMT -6
    I came across a new browser today (its still in preview) - flock. The actual browser is essentially Firefox, albeit with a bigger footprint, so at least it is Mozilla based and not yet another

    I’ve joined the club!

    Steve Castledine  October 21 2005 04:00:00 AM GMT -6
    Yesterday a Mac Mini was waiting for me when I got home. Its still in the box (just) - I have a lot of work on and it just would not get done if I opened it!

    Smiles all round!

    Steve Castledine  October 20 2005 01:26:53 PM GMT -6
    Guess what arrived today!

    Favourite Domino 7 Feature (to Date)

    Steve Castledine  October 18 2005 05:24:58 AM GMT -6
    Some people will not understand this one, but to me (a creative code monkey) the new Agent Profiling class in Notes/Domino 7 is just great. For the first time I can see how long each call is tak

    Whats with this selection list!

    Steve Castledine  October 15 2005 07:15:11 AM GMT -6
    I love Lotus Notes and I love developing on the platform - its amazing! But little things annoy (like with every platform). How about this one - selecting a view for a dialog list - could the

    I want a Mac

    Steve Castledine  October 11 2005 09:45:19 AM GMT -6
    I do! Its not because I want to test how Notes applications work on one (although I really need to do this). But because I want to use applications like Keynote 2. Ben I hope you get commiss

    Domino 7 uses lots more memory?

    Steve Castledine  October 11 2005 08:09:15 AM GMT -6
    Well I lobbed on Domino 7 server on my laptop yesterday - thats where I do most of my testing. My Laptop is just a lowly XP machine with 1 gig of ram. Since upgrading memory use by the agent