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Steve Castledine

October 2006

Domino Blog Template - Adding Comment Numbering

Steve Castledine  October 31 2006 07:15:00 AM GMT -6
Comment numbering is actually one of the features that the default skin for the blog template has out of the box. However it is helpfull to know how it is done so it can be incorporated into your skin

Google takes over JotSpot

Steve Castledine  October 31 2006 11:42:11 AM GMT -6
All go on the Wiki front right now - Google has taken over JotSpot (from official Google blog) Lucky I have my test account - they are taking no new accounts right now. Wiki, Wiki, Wiki - I have lot


Steve Castledine  October 30 2006 03:08:27 PM GMT -6
Ross Mayfield reports that Socialtext (Enterprise Wiki software for those who have not come across it) has released SocialPoint which is Socialtext running on Microsoft Sharepoint. I think this is h

Converting from DominoBlog v3 to IBM Lotus Notes 7.0.2 Blog Template

Steve Castledine  October 30 2006 05:59:21 AM GMT -6
Apologies I should have done this a while ago - it was such a simple piece of code to write in the end. Anyway I have attached a zip file containing a notes database with an agent that will do the co

First day of Winter

Steve Castledine  October 30 2006 05:28:48 AM GMT -6
I was told it was the first day of winter yesterday. Funny, it was 18 celcius (64.4 F) and I was wearing a t-shirt outside (and I was further north in the Peak District). The trees are fairly green st

Friday Fun

Steve Castledine  October 27 2006 11:51:57 AM GMT -6
For you, but not for me. I wrote the code to update from the old Dominoblog Template to the new IBM version. Ran the agent and then refreshed the design from the new template. Everything worked gr

Domino Blog Template - Emailing Content to your Blog

Steve Castledine  October 27 2006 07:27:35 AM GMT -6
Whilst looking around for some documentation today, I came across an old Video Blog/Cast that I did a while ago on the subject of adding content to your site via email. You can download it here. Be w

Domino Blog Template - Who is posting comments in your organization and what pages are they reading?

Steve Castledine  October 26 2006 01:45:00 PM GMT -6
If your blog is open to anonymous access then most of this information will be of little relevance. However if you have authenticated users it shows how you can see who really is posting comments and

One of my favourite Notes/Domino Features

Steve Castledine  October 20 2006 04:42:30 AM GMT -6
Just the ability to sit here and be able to adminstrate/fix/help/develop on any notes client or web based application, for any person anywhere in the world (if they have given me permission) just like

Adding Author Images to your blog

Steve Castledine  October 20 2006 05:45:00 AM GMT -6
When using the Lotus Notes blog template, you may have multiple authors and wish to display a picture automatically beside each entry in order to easily identify each post. So that this is an autom

I blog, You blog, weblog

Steve Castledine  October 19 2006 04:32:41 AM GMT -6
As picked up by Ed, the IBM homepage has a feature on blogging right now. This feature highlights Ed and the Lotus Notes blogging template. Nice work and great graphics!


Steve Castledine  October 11 2006 07:42:43 AM GMT -6
Today I say a farewell to Relationships do not always last forever, and this one nearly reached four years until I cheated on her and ran off with IBM. It hurts to say that dominob

Drainage problem found!

Steve Castledine  October 9 2006 08:18:00 AM GMT -6
Last week I mentioned our smelly drainage problem. Well the issue has been found. When the builders built the house they forgot to connect the underground sewage pipes to our kitchen and two bathroo

Collecting Statistics from the Domino Blog Template

Steve Castledine  October 6 2006 04:04:50 AM GMT -6
Using this technote you can download a sample statistics template and record site usage of your blog site. Previously statistics were contained within the same database as the blog content, however

Podcast with Bruce and Julian talking about blog template

Steve Castledine  October 5 2006 06:21:56 AM GMT -6
Yesterday I had fun with Bruce and Julian and took part in their Lotus Notes Podcast. Episode 34 includes myself talking about the blog template. Listening to myself over audio is the equivalent of

Slideshare - YouTube for Powerpoint

Steve Castledine  October 4 2006 10:32:46 AM GMT -6
Firstly you would think Powerpoint - who would. But anyway Slideshare allows you to upload, tag etc your presentation files whether they are Powerpoint or OpenOffice. The concept is the same as YouTub

Differences between Dominoblog and 7.0.2 Blog Template

Steve Castledine  October 4 2006 05:09:44 AM GMT -6
There are differences between my old dominoblog template and the version distributed by IBM. One of the technotes I have written describes these differences and it is now available here. You can pos

Nuts Weather

Steve Castledine  October 3 2006 03:50:50 AM GMT -6
Its cooled a little today but September was the warmest on record around these parts with some warm sunny days right into October. On top of that we have been having tropical storms every other day ov

Notes/Domino 7.0.2 Blog Template Out

Steve Castledine  October 2 2006 04:33:10 AM GMT -6
The blog template for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 7.0.2 is now available. You can find the template with the Server install. I will write some entries on this template over the next few weeks to highli