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Steve Castledine

October 2007

Building Composite Applications for IBM Lotus Notes v8

Steve Castledine  October 25 2007 11:22:55 AM GMT -6
An updated "how to" for building composite applications for IBM Lotus Notes v8 has been published. The previous version referred to Beta 3 and a few things have changed around since then. Unfortunate

Blog Template Support

Steve Castledine  October 25 2007 09:41:40 AM GMT -6
So my blog support email's etc are getting way behind again. Sometimes they even go unanswered as they slip below my visible email radar and get forgotten. I will find some time to catch up on them s

    Interesting few weeks...

    Steve Castledine  October 22 2007 07:59:34 AM GMT -6
    The past few weeks have been interesting to say the least. Perhaps even slightly worrying and makes you question your participation in an open and information free way on the internet. Starting with

    Who pulled the plug out?

    Steve Castledine  October 19 2007 05:37:30 AM GMT -6
    Here's the usual scene on the canal in front of the house: Here's a few weeks back when someone must have not closed one of the locks properly. It was strange to walk alongside and see the fish spla

    Notes Domino 7.0.3

    Steve Castledine  October 17 2007 06:10:32 AM GMT -6
    Notes Domino 7.0.3 is available but I am sure pretty much anyone reading this will have read it elsewhere anyway. The point of the post is to state that the Blog Template was updated in 7.0.3 to the

    3rd Anglo-Boer War - Rugby World Cup 20th October

    Steve Castledine  October 17 2007 05:43:58 AM GMT -6
    A SA friend of mine sent me this. Hopefully he is just wishing and Sunday will see back to back Rugby World Cup final wins :) (but after the recent thrashing it will be tough). Note the lack of any p

    Week 22

    Steve Castledine  October 5 2007 05:03:11 AM GMT -6
    Week 22 and Sue is finally starting to show. So far she must have been the luckiest pregnant woman - ever. No symptoms, so no sickness - nothing. Just a very active baby that appears from its downward

      4 Hours - code of 9 characters to fix

      Steve Castledine  October 3 2007 01:15:12 PM GMT -6
      You ever have those days where you get stuck on something small - but in terms of time - huge? 4 hours today stripping something down to find the cause - just needed some code which totalled 9 charac

      Alabama 3

      Steve Castledine  October 3 2007 04:20:51 AM GMT -6
      Been away for a while - been busy. Kind of busy where you are dragged in different directions and don't know what day it is. This may sound like insanity, but I really struggle to do many things at o

      Domino Admin Question - Prevent outbound email reply when user does not exist

      Steve Castledine  October 2 2007 10:24:03 AM GMT -6
      One of my personal spam problems is emails being sent to my Domino server for a user that does not exist say "user@" or "admin@" to my mail domain. The server then sends an email back saying "Not kno

      Domino Blog XSS Warning

      Steve Castledine  October 2 2007 07:35:42 AM GMT -6
      It seems the Domino community is being targetted right now by the dull, nothing better to do script kiddies who put javascript calls into web site comments. I know a few people have had to shut off