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Steve Castledine

October 2009

Some titbits for when developing XPages for the client

Steve Castledine  October 29 2009 11:33:34 AM GMT -6
I need to create a wiki page for this really to note down everything as I find it when developing XPages for web and client. To start, one of the things I often need to handle is I do not always use

Providing illustration for your XPage custom controls (Design Definition)

Steve Castledine  October 16 2009 04:09:34 AM GMT -6
Something added to Lotus Domino Designer (DD) in 8.5.1 was the ability to better illustrate our custom controls when laid out within an XPage (within Designer itself). For example in 8.5 a tag cloud

XPages Repeat Control enhancement for 8.5.1

Steve Castledine  October 14 2009 04:50:00 AM GMT -6
Repeat controls are probably one of the top tools in an XPage developers box. By their very nature we, the developer, decide how they are used and the html that is sent to the browser. So typically

OneUi Documentation available

Steve Castledine  October 12 2009 12:27:42 PM GMT -6
The "look and feel" that makes up the styling for XPages development and other Lotus Products (also known as OneUI) now has some officially published documentation. You can read about it in this Domin

First half marathon completed

Steve Castledine  October 12 2009 09:16:52 AM GMT -6
Yesterday I completed my first half marathon (Leicester) in 1 hour 39 minutes 50 seconds (on my watch - waiting for chip time). I came 273 out of 1646 runners (my target was 250), my "ok" target was

    Leaving for UKLUG shortly

    Steve Castledine  October 7 2009 08:29:45 AM GMT -6
    I will be at UKLUG thursday and friday (presenting with Vince at 11am Thursday on OpenNTF) - so say hi if you are attending. My flight arrives at Edinburgh 19:45 this evening and I will be staying at

    Domino Blog (and other templates) will be available Open Source on

    Steve Castledine  October 6 2009 11:26:37 AM GMT -6
    As announced on the Lotus User Group Webcast today, is to receive most of the Notes/Domino base templates as open source contributions. Look out for the official announcements on openNTF

    XPages, Rich Text, Filtering, Custom Converters all in one post

    Steve Castledine  October 1 2009 05:00:00 AM GMT -6
    Almost forgotten how to blog such is the lack of time I give this activity right now. Blame it on the kids (oh and work and twitter). Anyway on the subject of XPages, Rich Text and filtering I thoug