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Steve Castledine

November 2004

To Contract or not to Contract?

Steve Castledine  November 30 2004 05:20:00 PM GMT -6
I don't have a "Permanent Job" - I work as a software contractor - selling myself to whoever will take me for periods of time - 3 months, 6 months, a year etc. I've done it this way now for six

Linkin Park and Jay-Z Collab

Steve Castledine  November 30 2004 05:00:00 PM GMT -6
I bought the new (well in UK) collaboration Album (CD and DVD) between Linkin Park and Jay-Z at the weekend - its great. I've always been a massive Linkin Park fan and Jay-Z - so its great to hear


Steve Castledine  November 29 2004 05:34:00 PM GMT -6
Well I have decided to start a new blog - those of you who know me will be aware of my efforts at a few years ago which kinda died a while ago and also the continuing work I do at D