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Steve Castledine

November 2005

Manual spam

Steve Castledine  November 29 2005 04:02:22 AM GMT -6
I've noticed recently some comment spam has been entered manually on this site. So I have introduced further anti spam detection - so we shall see how that holds up!

Domino SMTP - Why would it?

Steve Castledine  November 22 2005 12:03:23 PM GMT -6
I setup a server to receive SMTP mail for a test domain. I also setup the DNS for the domain so mail got sent to my server. I restarted my SMTP and great it worked. Now it seems it doesn't - a

2006 - A new direction?

Steve Castledine  November 22 2005 06:07:50 AM GMT -6
2005 has been a good (well actually great!) year for me - in terms of my life in general and my work. I've been fully booked the entire year (well more than that really - almost every weekend h

Elvis is alive!

Steve Castledine  November 22 2005 03:27:47 AM GMT -6
I have a series of these to publish - here is Sue and myself looking as Elvis and Monroe.

How to be ungrateful

Steve Castledine  November 21 2005 01:49:32 PM GMT -6
My birthday this year was slightly overshadowed by sue's 30th the week before (understatement of the year - she had the biggest party ever). Therefore I was expecting everyone to be partied out

33 Today!

Steve Castledine  November 19 2005 04:13:01 AM GMT -6
These birthdays keep getting closer together I'm sure - I thought I was 25 only last week!

Over three years a blogger

Steve Castledine  November 15 2005 04:31:35 PM GMT -6
Well it dawned on me today that I have been a "blogger" for more than 3 years now. It all started with - see my first page here!


Steve Castledine  November 9 2005 06:51:00 AM GMT -6
I do a lot of thinking about collaboration, content management, project management etc.My software at is part of these thoughts coming together and providing a tool to do all the things

Lotus Awards

Steve Castledine  November 8 2005 10:15:43 AM GMT -6
As an IBM Business Partner I have had a lot of reminder emails regarding nominations for the Lotus Awards. In case I missed something I looked again today at the categories of which there are 7

Lick of Paint!

Steve Castledine  November 8 2005 09:14:50 AM GMT -6
This is a new look for my website. Let me know what you think. Its a "Wordpress - Blix Theme" inspired design imported into Dominoblog. This will be available to others if required.

New Version of Dominoblog Released

Steve Castledine  November 2 2005 04:01:28 PM GMT -6
I have released a new version of my Content Management/Blog software for IBM Lotus Notes at