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Steve Castledine

November 2007

Notes Domino 8 YouTube video

Steve Castledine  November 29 2007 01:58:48 PM GMT -6
Here's a YouTube video I found from IBM on Notes Domino 8. Don't know how I missed this one. It features a few bloggers we all know :)

Blog Template gets some new Clothes

Steve Castledine  November 29 2007 01:44:18 PM GMT -6
When the next version of the blog template is released, it will sport some new clothes. The new default will look like this: You can see for yourself at Bob Balaban's blog. There is also the opti

Tags v Categories

Steve Castledine  November 28 2007 06:15:47 AM GMT -6
Traditionally content has been organised by "categories" in order for us to keep controlled and structured with our data. With the recent web2.0 explosion "tags" have emerged as a fairly new technolog

    Hello friends - I have been abandoning you!

    Steve Castledine  November 28 2007 04:44:47 AM GMT -6
    Hello friends - I have been abandoning you :) Things have been busy. A lot of time has been spent testing forthcoming blog template changes, and doing testing based on how I know some people have be

    No Lotusphere for me

    Steve Castledine  November 5 2007 11:52:24 AM GMT -6
    I think I may have mentioned this before, but I will not be attending Lotusphere 2008 in Florida this coming January, as it's too close to Sue's due date. I did have the occasional (well a fair few o