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Steve Castledine

November 2008

Lotus Notes Domino templates and open source

Steve Castledine  November 11 2008 05:57:00 AM GMT -6
Its an age old discussion and on/off has been discussed to death within this community, however I have been thinking about "templates" again recently. As a developer who has had the opportunity of d

Another java view property template developers should be aware of

Steve Castledine  November 10 2008 04:55:36 AM GMT -6
When developing applications using the standard client framework there is, I think little known, a switch/property that is really important and it is not set by default. This one is the "bookmark defa

Switching off the default switcher in templates when using java views

Steve Castledine  November 10 2008 04:05:59 AM GMT -6
I dislike the phrase "java views", but I never know a better one. If I mention "java view" I am referring to the standard client framework that was used from Lotus Notes 8.0, and originally was the ba

Automatically send emails to users who post comments on your site when you reply

Steve Castledine  November 7 2008 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
Something I often forget exists, is the ability to send an email to someone automatically when you respond to their comment (Notes Client Only) within the blog template. To set this up, you need to g

XPages - webQuerySave equivalent or using Lotusscript to process data

Steve Castledine  November 7 2008 03:28:52 AM GMT -6
I'm planning some "how to" XPages posts for "Domino Developers", in the meantime here's something for this week's "tip" theme. You may currently have a lot of logic sitting in Lotusscript agents o

Accessing the standard/java view properties in Designer

Steve Castledine  November 6 2008 03:48:25 AM GMT -6
Another ini setting that may be useful for developers is "Designer_ShowPropForJavaViewsUI=1". This setting exposes the properties in Designer for standard client/java views. I have written a large do

Upgrading local Lotus Notes templates

Steve Castledine  November 6 2008 03:41:30 AM GMT -6
No tips yesterday, busy day and I'm guessing the whole election thing was crowding out the news/blogs anyway. Anyway, I was in a meeting yesterday where a couple of customers mentioned (running Notes

Lotus Notes 8.5 Feature - Notebook

Steve Castledine  November 6 2008 03:20:53 AM GMT -6
One of the new features for Notes 8.5 is "Notebook". It gets less coverage than other "new" stuff as essentially it is the old Personal Journal with a new colour lipstick. Visually it is a huge impro

Accessing the Web Client for the Blog Template

Steve Castledine  November 4 2008 04:01:58 AM GMT -6
Publishing something I replied to in an email yesterday: You can access the web client for the blog template via the "admin" link (within the default "yellow" theme) which can be found in the top rig

Hiding advanced sections in blog template for users

Steve Castledine  November 4 2008 03:43:10 AM GMT -6
Just a quick tip today, I have a lot of work I need to complete by close and its my wife's birthday so I guess I should finish work before 10pm (kidding). By default the blog template is a "personal

Using formula to open a designated users Calendar, To Do or Contacts - undocumented feature

Steve Castledine  November 3 2008 04:01:57 AM GMT -6
Starting this week with a very simple tip. Hoping to do at least one a day this week with at least one lengthy one for xpages by Friday. Anyway, there is a documented formula @Command( [OpenCale