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Steve Castledine

November 2009

We grew our own pumpkins this year

Steve Castledine  November 25 2009 05:51:06 AM GMT -6
I say "we" my wife just thought I was mad, together with most of our friends (who incidentally now seem a lot keener to do same next year). Mr Happy Scarface Dr Evil All shapes and sizes Almost p

Download the Blog Template for IBM Lotus Notes Domino

Steve Castledine  November 24 2009 12:19:04 PM GMT -6
I've been asked many times this month about getting hold of the blog template file. Well it is hosted on OpenNTF so you can download it directly from here (OpenNTF also hosts other build Notes Domino

My sessions for Lotusphere 2010

Steve Castledine  November 24 2009 11:53:49 AM GMT -6
I have two accepted sessions for Lotusphere 2010 (with two rejected - one year "ask me one on Tropical Fish" and "Looking after Spider Plants" will be popular session's) with two of my esteemed collea

XPages - multiple data sources different read/edit modes

Steve Castledine  November 17 2009 04:08:45 AM GMT -6
Slow rate of posting right now, hopefully will pick it up over the coming months as I do have a list of topics waiting to be blogged about. So a quick one which personally I had been stuck on for a