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Steve Castledine

December 2004

Happy New Year to all!

Steve Castledine  December 31 2004 11:10:40 AM GMT -6
Happy new year to all - hopefully will not feel too ill tommorrow!

RSS is Great!

Steve Castledine  December 29 2004 06:51:03 AM GMT -6
Whilst RSS has been around a while and my sites have had RSS feeds a long time - I've never really used a feedreader. I've downloaded plenty - I've used them for a bit - then I stopped - don't know

Football is Rubbish

Steve Castledine  December 28 2004 07:15:51 AM GMT -6
Football is rubbish and I'm going to support netball or something instead! This is how I feel after watching Leicester lose 1-0 to bottom of the table Rotherham at home on Boxing Day - its the

Happy Christmas to all !!

Steve Castledine  December 25 2004 07:26:15 PM GMT -6
As a christmas present DominoBlog Version 3 Beta 1 is now available.

Price Segmentation

Steve Castledine  December 23 2004 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
I've always been very interested in business, economics, marketing techniques etc and so an article entitled "Camels and Rubber Duckies" by Joel Spolsky was a treat to read (linked to by vowe and

Sony Ericsson K700i

Steve Castledine  December 22 2004 07:00:00 AM GMT -6
I changed my mobile phone about two months ago from a Sony Ericsson P700/800 to a K700i. The reason i changed was mainly because my old pone was just too big - I originally bought it for its b

IBM need to make their software more accessible

Steve Castledine  December 21 2004 08:00:00 AM GMT -6
I've long thought that IBM have needed to make their software more accessible (ie easier access to trial software for developers) - Microsoft have always have a good handle on all this - I think IB

Eclipse Snake

Steve Castledine  December 20 2004 01:15:47 PM GMT -6
I found another use for my Eclipse client last week - Snake! I changed my laptop recently and I had to download/reload Eclipse etc - reminded me how documentation and "what do I download and

iNotes 2?

Steve Castledine  December 17 2004 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
One of the many thoughts I have had recently is whether its worth building "another" web mail client for Domino. Whilst Domino web access for the mail client "works" for me and iNotes was ok -


Steve Castledine  December 16 2004 01:24:16 PM GMT -6
One of the cd's I bought this week was Kasabian - a band who come from the city I live - Leicester, UK. I heard one of their tracks a few months ago and I thought I really like that - but surely

To Contract or not to Contract? Part 2

Steve Castledine  December 15 2004 12:15:00 PM GMT -6
Since my original post on this subject my thoughts are still going around - what do I want to do, how do I want to do it - how do I make sure my bills are paid etc. One thing that has become cl

Google Suggest

Steve Castledine  December 14 2004 11:26:33 AM GMT -6
Well I might be late to the party but I stumbled across Google Suggest today - interesting I thought. Anyway being the predictable guy I am I was going to type dominoblog and see what I got off

Overheard the other day

Steve Castledine  December 14 2004 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
I overheard this the other day - thought it was funny: Some guy rang his banks branch - he was put through to a call centre in India. After hearing a foreign accent he enquired as to where that

Paypal Phising

Steve Castledine  December 13 2004 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
I've been well aware of "Phising" (where you are sent emails pretending to be from your bank and lead you to a website which looks like your bank and asks you for your account details and passwords

Leicester 0 - Reading 2

Steve Castledine  December 12 2004 02:38:13 PM GMT -6
Another dull game at the Walkers stadium saw Leicester continuing their poor home form in the Championship. It was so dull I was thinking that I could have finished cutting up the wood I needed f

IBM Goes XML in next Gen Database

Steve Castledine  December 9 2004 02:20:58 PM GMT -6
I picked up on a feature at the register today regarding IBM's plans for its next generation database. IBM announced its next generation database. The big news is that this will not be a relatio

Never using a field called "author" again!

Steve Castledine  December 9 2004 02:15:28 PM GMT -6
I am so never using a field called "author" again in Notes - all day in lotusscript the "clever" IDE keeps changing the field to Authors - thinking thats what I want - I know its my own stupid faul

Gravatar Author Images

Steve Castledine  December 7 2004 11:06:58 AM GMT -6
Well comments have been fixed and at the same time I have updated this site with my latest version of dominoblog (its still in Alpha testing so not available yet for download). Couple of featu

Busted Comments

Steve Castledine  December 7 2004 10:13:08 AM GMT -6
Oh man my comments are busted - you can leave them but when listed it loops the first comment only - teach me to download dodgy free software from!


Steve Castledine  December 7 2004 09:05:46 AM GMT -6
I downloaded the latest version of Groove yesterday - not because I'm thinking of getting into it in any big way - I just find it useful to understand and try other software in the field I work in.

Leeds 0 - Leicester 2

Steve Castledine  December 5 2004 03:11:27 PM GMT -6
A long overdue two wins on the trot for a Leicester team who have struggled to live up to expectations - a change of management team a month ago has done much to improve things this season. Whi


Steve Castledine  December 5 2004 03:10:25 PM GMT -6

Friday Funny

Steve Castledine  December 3 2004 03:00:00 AM GMT -6
I'm sure most people have seen a version of this - but just in case you havn't heard this one: Dear Technical Support, 18 months ago, I upgraded to Girlfriend 1.0 from DrinkingMates 4.2, whic

Netscapes Coming Back

Steve Castledine  December 2 2004 02:07:29 PM GMT -6
I picked up on an article at reviewing the new "prototype" of the next Netscape browser. Now as a software/web developer the word "Netscape" used to send shivers down my spine - p

Microsoft gets in on the Blog Act

Steve Castledine  December 2 2004 01:59:35 PM GMT -6
Software giant Microsoft is taking the plunge into the world of blogging. Spaced Out According to the BBC: It is launching a test service to allow people to publish blogs, or online jour


Steve Castledine  December 1 2004 03:45:15 PM GMT -6
Last weekend I played Paintball for the first time. It was great fun - although heavy on the pocket (cost some 80 uk pounds in total for 6-7 hours due to the cost of the ammo). We had 12 diff

2004 - Year of the Blog!

Steve Castledine  December 1 2004 01:09:17 PM GMT -6
According to a news article on 2004 is the year of the Blog! The term "blog" has been chosen as the top word of 2004 by a US dictionary publisher. Merriam-Webster said "blog" heade