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Steve Castledine

December 2007

    Happy Holidays and Christmas to all

    Steve Castledine  December 21 2007 04:43:15 AM GMT -6
    That time of year again. Another year that has flown by - it doesn't seem five minutes since I was thinking about our wedding last New Years eve. So just a quick message to wish everyone a happy hol

    Blog Template Web Rich Text Editor Upgraded

    Steve Castledine  December 17 2007 03:54:50 AM GMT -6
    One of the things that desperately needed sorting was the web rich text editor in the blog template. Pre IBM it used Tiny MCE: Then for various reasons it had to be removed in order to meet the cod

    More on Template Documentation Utility

    Steve Castledine  December 13 2007 06:32:36 AM GMT -6
    So it seems my template documentation utility may become useful. Therefore I definitely will turn this into a project. I've had many thoughts recently on expanding my blog site as I have many "proje

    Cooking up some Composite Applications

    Steve Castledine  December 13 2007 06:22:51 AM GMT -6
    Following up from posting the Composite Application Component Library on OpenNTF, the team have now published a series of "recipes" which show you how it is possible to use them. They are very basic

    Useful tool? Template Documentation Blog/Wiki

    Steve Castledine  December 12 2007 11:34:57 AM GMT -6
    I've created some code which scans a Notes Template and creates a blog/wiki on its design. You then get a precreated blog/wiki (you can move things around to how you want to operate it) which allows

    Anyone using the Personal Journal Template in Lotus Notes?

    Steve Castledine  December 3 2007 09:46:39 AM GMT -6
    Before I start this post I want to clarify that I'm not asking this in any official capacity (there is a related post on Mary Beth Raven's blog here). I'm asking as a developer who likes to understand

      Would you want to be the Competition?

      Steve Castledine  December 3 2007 04:47:21 AM GMT -6
      Blue Wave Technology Limited have acquired BE Systems Limited. Blog entry from Paul Mooney here. To meet the demand for top quality IBM Lotus Notes consultancy throughout Ireland, UK and Europe, Blu