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Steve Castledine

December 2009

XPages Wiki build 0.06 available

Steve Castledine  December 23 2009 12:13:54 PM GMT -6
Went through the reported bugs and fixed as many as possible and so a new build is available here. Template is Domino XPages 8.5.1 only at this point. Will upload another update soon.

Simple XPages Theme Tip

Steve Castledine  December 18 2009 05:56:34 AM GMT -6
There was a question "how do I allocate a particular theme to a particular XPage?", this is because in general the theme set is for the entire nsf and changing it for one XPage means changing it for a

    Further discussion template view tweaks

    Steve Castledine  December 9 2009 08:45:07 AM GMT -6
    Couple of tweaks just designed to provide even more "visible" topics in one view. Feedback required - demo here. New: Old:

    Don’t forget the Open Source Lotus Awards

    Steve Castledine  December 9 2009 05:43:34 AM GMT -6
    For Lotusphere in January 2010 there will be two new Open Source Lotus Awards: 1. Best Open Source Contribution by an Individual(s) (up to 2) 2. Best Open Source Contribution by a Business Partner N

    XPages - common "upgrade my existing application" questions

    Steve Castledine  December 7 2009 04:45:53 AM GMT -6
    A bit of a call for help, but at the same time an offer of help. One of my Lotusphere sessions, with Stephan Wissel, will be about upgrading "existing" applications to using XPages, and also showing

    Millie’s Band

    Steve Castledine  December 7 2009 04:37:42 AM GMT -6
    Millie really did think this was "her" band. Shame I didn't take this with a real camera, or got any when she was facing frontwards and dancing.

    Did you complain about the OpenNTF forums?

    Steve Castledine  December 4 2009 05:08:16 AM GMT -6
    That's not meant to be a rude blog title, but merely to get your attention if you were originally displeased with the discussion template used on OpenNTF. I know there were many frustrations, includin