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Steve Castledine

February 2005

Happy Birthday Dominoblog!

Steve Castledine  February 25 2005 09:20:37 AM GMT -6
Dominoblog is 2 years old and counting!

Scheduled Agents

Steve Castledine  February 25 2005 08:26:16 AM GMT -6
Something I have been mulling over the past few days is scheduled agents and how you cannot programmatically change the scheduling and therefore cannot provide a user interface for people to adjust

More Snow!

Steve Castledine  February 24 2005 07:35:40 PM GMT -6
Me and the missus 1am !

Snow !

Steve Castledine  February 23 2005 07:03:39 AM GMT -6
Well its a pathetic amount but the picture below shows the view from my front door this morning. Where I live in England is pretty sheltered compared to further North and to the East - so we dont

Quickplace to CD archiving

Steve Castledine  February 10 2005 02:36:44 PM GMT -6
One client project I have on my books which is nearing my "do list" is to develop some software to spider a Quickplace site and create an archive which will run from a cd without domino etc. An

Apple - its Dangerous

Steve Castledine  February 9 2005 01:07:56 PM GMT -6
Another one from the Beeb - and yes I do think it is one of the best websites in the world - it should be as everyone in the UK has to pay for it through their TV Licence. Anyway - Don't Bite

Giving up Broadband

Steve Castledine  February 7 2005 03:29:05 PM GMT -6
On the BBC website - "Why I'm giving up broadband" An interesting tale of a guy who has given up on broadband and gone back to a 56k Modem - and "reclaimed" his life. I can see where he is c

Beta 2 of Feedreader Available

Steve Castledine  February 2 2005 03:31:35 PM GMT -6
I have made available Beta 2 of my free opensource FeedReader for Lotus Notes/Domino - Download it from here. 1) Feedreader main code updated - performance improvement - catches non-responsive