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Steve Castledine

February 2006

Why would Technorati..

Steve Castledine  February 28 2006 09:24:31 AM GMT -6
Why would Technorati read my site, note the tags and then try and parse the content html for each item (from the entire homepage) rather than lookup the RSS and get the confirmed content for each item


Steve Castledine  February 21 2006 04:15:39 AM GMT -6
I came across a great web based WYSIWYG form builder at (via Damien Katz). This is something achievable via a Lotus Notes/Domino architecture that would be of great value to a lot of peo

Who are we?

Steve Castledine  February 14 2006 06:21:16 AM GMT -6
After doing some work on enhancing Dominoblog features for Technorati Tagging - the thought came to mind - "who are we"? If you do searches for "Lotus Notes" etc in Technorati tagging - very few res

Notes Sucks Again

Steve Castledine  February 9 2006 04:02:00 AM GMT -6
A common theme - it raises its head again. My thoughts:1) I will always dislike a rival football team. They could become the best and most entertaining team in the world - I will always dislike them.

Notes Is Dead

Steve Castledine  February 8 2006 03:30:00 AM GMT -6
Well - obviously it is most certainly not!In this spirit, I had a domain name which I planned on being a central resource for why it is not. But the usual time restraints! This is

SSL Domino and Attachments

Steve Castledine  February 2 2006 06:40:10 AM GMT -6
Has anyone had any experience of problems with a Domino 6 server, SSL, Internet Explorer and attachments and people accessing the site via a proxy and not being able to download the attachments?