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Steve Castledine

February 2008

Welcome Millie Rose Castledine

Steve Castledine  February 26 2008 06:18:29 AM GMT -6
Millie was finally born Saturday night - 8 pounds. Labour was something like 29 hours and then poor mum had to have an operation in Theatre to "put her back together" for a few hours after that as wel

    Online Videos - Any advice?

    Steve Castledine  February 9 2008 03:37:42 AM GMT -6
    Ok so I want to do some online videos for a new site I have planned. They are "help/tutorial" type things - a lot of them are around the blog template. I have TechSmith Snagit which can produce the

    Excellent Java and Eclipse beginners guide

    Steve Castledine  February 8 2008 09:10:31 AM GMT -6
    I got this link for an excellent Java with Eclipse beginners guide (online video) passed to me by a colleague - I thought it was excellent so I thought I would share: Slowly (very) getting my work