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Having Categorised Links/Blog Roll on your IBM Lotus Notes Blog

Steve Castledine  March 30 2007 06:40:00 AM GMT -6
By default when you add links to your blog roll they appear in a flat list sorted in alphabetical order. We may, however, wish to split these links into categories. For this example I will split the

Automatic meaningful page names with the IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template

Steve Castledine  March 29 2007 05:32:03 AM GMT -6
By default the blog template generates unique page names for your content like so: Sometimes you may wish to have a more meaningful page name such as "contact.htm" or "about.htm". This is achieved

PSC wins Beacon Award - and a blast from past

Steve Castledine  March 28 2007 04:08:07 AM GMT -6
John Head writes that PSC have won an IBM Beacon Award. Firstly congrats to those guys! This is a blast from the past, as I remember winning a Beacon Award myself very early on in my Domino career (

Normal Service - Eventually

Steve Castledine  March 27 2007 06:52:55 AM GMT -6
Got a busy spell. Not as busy as Steve McClaren - sort it out!

Copying more than a couple thousand documents with Notes 8

Steve Castledine  March 23 2007 02:50:18 PM GMT -6
Anyone notice this yet with Notes 8 Beta? Unless I am losing my memory thats a significant improvement over previous versions!

Kayuda Web based visual wiki come mind-mapping tool

Steve Castledine  March 22 2007 10:00:20 AM GMT -6
Built with Dojo Kayuda is: A web-based visual wiki, a mind-mapping tool, and a non-linear writing tool that allows you to track ideas and the relationships between them. It's free, and any number of

Changing the Character Encoding for your RSS Feeds

Steve Castledine  March 22 2007 05:47:18 AM GMT -6
The IBM Lotus Notes Blog Template uses a character encoding of UTF-8 by default for its RSS feeds. However you may wish to change this to say iso-8859-1in order to provide for an extended character se

Tanny O’Haley has a great new design too!

Steve Castledine  March 21 2007 11:23:15 AM GMT -6
The talented Tanny O'Haley has also updated hig blog design. Welcome to Ocean, a design I've been working on for about a month. I started out by going to Layout Gala for the structure. I chose a desi

So you want some blog documentation?

Steve Castledine  March 21 2007 09:35:24 AM GMT -6
After talking to a colleague I remembered that draft documentation is within the Notes 8 Beta 2 Help:

Time to turn the lights back on

Steve Castledine  March 15 2007 05:53:03 AM GMT -6
Been on holiday. Decided to take a break from computers, internet etc - its been great! Updates on everything very soon!

TV License Crazyness

Steve Castledine  March 2 2007 08:06:26 AM GMT -6
A strange story I heard last week from my mum. She works at a funeral parlour (you should see her company car ;) ). Anyway she had to sign a statement to say no-one on the premises watched TV on thei

I love this colour / image combination on Martin’s Blog

Steve Castledine  March 2 2007 05:02:21 AM GMT -6
Link to blog (its in Spanish). John Head has also had a makeover (he may ping me later asking why he didn't headline this entry). John is the person on the right of the banner, on the left you can

CoComment - is it only me that it breaks Internet Explorer?

Steve Castledine  March 2 2007 02:57:17 AM GMT -6
I have noticed recently that blogs in this community (I don't think all of them) that use CoComment kill my Internet Explorer browser dead (no comments on Firefox! I do use firefox - but as a develope


Steve Castledine  March 1 2007 09:53:00 AM GMT -6
From responses yesterday I think I need to concentrate on: Create a Beginners Guide both as an article, and I think I will try a videocast of some sort Create a wiki and start to populate with all t