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XPage Login Control for basic and session authentication plus detection code

Steve Castledine  April 23 2009 03:52:50 AM GMT -6
Yesterday I uploaded a new XPage Login custom control to the openntf catalog. Wow you must think, this is going to change my life ;) In all seriousness it occurred to me that there is not a set of l

Xpages Wiki Iteration 4 available

Steve Castledine  April 21 2009 05:27:25 AM GMT -6
I have posted an updated XPages wiki template on here. This is a minor release aimed at bug fixing, performance improvements and general tidy up to create a good platform to move forward

Domino Server ini settings for Firefox rich text font size issue

Steve Castledine  April 20 2009 10:33:21 AM GMT -6
Maybe no-one has been troubled by this, or messed with web/client rich text as much as I have in my life (what do you want to know? :) ), or perhaps everyone just knows it, but Firefox, Domino and Not

OpenNTF update no23

Steve Castledine  April 16 2009 07:21:00 AM GMT -6
So I couldn't use the same title as before so I had to make it unique. Who wrote this blog template anyway? :) Before I forget I have added an openNTF twitter stream - Anyway

    So maybe I will get my cup holder - thanks!

    Steve Castledine  April 16 2009 07:02:06 AM GMT -6
    To me it is these small things that make a big difference - fingers crossed it happens! Mary Beth Raven - update on insert links. Its funny - I'm running an 8.51 build and I just used Create Hots

    So what the hell is a hotspot?

    Steve Castledine  April 9 2009 04:35:48 AM GMT -6
    EXACTLY! In england a popular tv quiz show from years back you had the saying "whats a hotspot not?". Well unless you are a notes user of old, you have not a clue because its a "LINK". Well the good

    Usage log for XPages wiki

    Steve Castledine  April 7 2009 10:46:54 AM GMT -6
    In order to monitor usage so we can make decisions on where to spend resource on openntf, I have setup a usage log on openntf for the XPages wiki. There is no need to give company and/or your name (

    XPages Wiki Iteration 3 available

    Steve Castledine  April 2 2009 01:15:19 PM GMT -6
    I have uploaded iteration 3 of the XPages wiki to openntf. The main change being the wiki markup engine based on the Creole standard has been implemented. There is also a documentation, demo, sandbox