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Recycle, Recycle, Recycle

Steve Castledine  May 31 2006 03:24:30 AM GMT -6
Thanks Tim

Bank holiday mondays have one thing I don’t like..

Steve Castledine  May 30 2006 10:31:10 AM GMT -6
The tuesday after them! Man is my brain running at half pace today! Tommorrow I will have to get an early start there is so much work I need to do this week. Over the weekend we hopped off our little

How would we cope without Computers?

Steve Castledine  May 26 2006 03:45:00 AM GMT -6

O’Reilly attempts to Trademark "Web2.0"

Steve Castledine  May 26 2006 06:37:58 AM GMT -6
When terms become almost generic I never understood why firms are allowed to trademark them for financial gain. It was bad enough for me when Microsoft started with "What are you going to do today" -

Simple Anti Comment Spam Trick

Steve Castledine  May 25 2006 02:00:00 AM GMT -6
Theres been a lot of spam issues going around the blogs of late. So to offer some assistance I will talk about one measure that is pretty much 100% effective against robot spam. It really is so simp

You fat b******

Steve Castledine  May 24 2006 07:30:14 AM GMT -6
Excuse the title - but its a self statement. Gradually over the last 12 months I've added some blubber. Now I've always been heavy (I am six foot, 33 years old and pretty broad) - if I go much below

Carl Tyler uses ProjectDX Feedreader

Steve Castledine  May 24 2006 04:05:21 AM GMT -6
Carl Tyler has integrated the ProjectDX Feedreader with the OpenNTF domBulletin to create a World Cup Feed within his Worl Cup Pool site. More details here. Incidently I must get around to adding do

You have a complaint?

Steve Castledine  May 23 2006 05:48:43 AM GMT -6
I like this - thanks Rich.

Will it ever stop raining?

Steve Castledine  May 22 2006 05:05:09 AM GMT -6
Its been raining everyday for quite a while now and the next 5 days do not look any different. What amazes me is we have water shortages and hosepipe bans etc in England right now. I'm thinking somew


Steve Castledine  May 18 2006 04:02:25 AM GMT -6
Well I had been looking forward to seeing the champions league final last night all week (especially after a cracking FA cup final last week). Then the goalkeeper gets sent off after about 17 minutes

Mac CD Woes

Steve Castledine  May 17 2006 10:48:49 AM GMT -6
I've noticed that if I put a scratched cd (yes I do not look after them very well!) in my Mac it really struggles. I have to switch my Mac off to regain control of iTunes and the CD drive. Anyone kn

Field Hints in Lotus Notes

Steve Castledine  May 17 2006 11:00:00 AM GMT -6
I've been playing working with Lotus Notes for many many years now. Yet always I come across "basic" things that I just didn't know about for whatever reason. Take field hints. I only came across to

Privilege Insurance

Steve Castledine  May 17 2006 05:46:24 AM GMT -6
Blogs are quite often used to vent frustration, moan etc about companies with poor customer service etc. Today I would like to do the opposite. I have used Privilege Insurance for 4/5 years now for i


Steve Castledine  May 12 2006 12:11:19 PM GMT -6
Today I have retired my projectdx website. I do not post to it anymore and my "web presence" has pretty much been concentrated here and at DominoBlog. For those of you who never read my website "ear

Stick Men

Steve Castledine  May 12 2006 07:23:29 AM GMT -6
I like these:

UK Hacker to be extradited

Steve Castledine  May 10 2006 06:11:49 AM GMT -6
I read today (BBC link) that uk hacker Gary MicKinnon is going to be extradited to the US for hacking into US military networks. Whilst what he did was totally wrong and his only defense is that not

Brilliant Mac v PC Ad’s

Steve Castledine  May 9 2006 08:26:43 AM GMT -6
These made me laugh!

Spammers are going all weird on us

Steve Castledine  May 9 2006 04:21:00 AM GMT -6
I've mentioned this a few times in the past - but comment spammers are really going to massive lengths to get comments on peoples sites to up their google rankings etc. They are employing people to m

Eriksson Lost the Plot?

Steve Castledine  May 8 2006 09:35:54 AM GMT -6
So last month us English had a bit of confidence that we might do well in this summers football World Cup in Germany. Then our star player (Rooney) gets injured leaving us with a big hole to fill.


Steve Castledine  May 3 2006 08:56:18 AM GMT -6
Being the daft person that I can be, I managed to run barefoot onto a shard of glass on my hard kitchen floor that must have been left over from a dropped glass the previous week. Yeh it hurt! Anywa

One Month In

Steve Castledine  May 2 2006 08:28:27 AM GMT -6
One month in on my new job and all is well! Its certainly been an eye opener seeing the way IBM works from the inside. Such a huge company but with the technology used you can make it as big or as sm