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Rich Text/MIME link bug affecting blog template - Notes 8 Beta 3

Steve Castledine  May 31 2007 05:15:00 AM GMT -6
A small warning to beta testers of Notes 8 Beta 3 who use the blog template. There is a bug in rich text where automatic hotspots are being created incorrectly. I have seen this affect the creation

Another fine looking Blog from Eric Mack

Steve Castledine  May 31 2007 04:15:19 AM GMT -6
Notes on Productivity is Eric Mack's latest blog. The design has been created by the talented Tanny O'Haley (check his Domino Blog site out as well - looks neat). Eric latest post "An intelligence te

Thanks Bruce and Good Luck Vince

Steve Castledine  May 30 2007 04:52:14 AM GMT -6
Enough said at, but thanks Bruce and something I missed off - Good Luck Vince! (Shamelessly stolen from Bruce's Flickr).

Microsoft v IBM Lotus Domino competitive guide

Steve Castledine  May 30 2007 04:44:15 AM GMT -6
Picked up from Stuart McIntyre. A superb Microsoft v IBM Lotus Domino competitive guide. 13 Pages written by Craig Westney of IBM Software Services for Lotus (ISSL), detailing the Microsoft products

Wish my first Life was in Dublin

Steve Castledine  May 24 2007 08:21:09 AM GMT -6
I'm up to my ears right now, so I wish I was in Dublin sampling the Guinness. has an outage - being worked on.

Steve Castledine  May 24 2007 03:41:02 AM GMT -6 has an outage - being worked on. Update - fixed

Notes 8 Beta 3 available

Steve Castledine  May 23 2007 04:51:38 PM GMT -6
Announced here. Fill your boots here.

Notes 8 Banner - Missing Word

Steve Castledine  May 21 2007 08:55:38 AM GMT -6
Notes 8 Banner - Missing Word. Can you see what it is yet?

Date Related Tags

Steve Castledine  May 18 2007 05:30:00 AM GMT -6
These are tags usable by the IBM Lotus Notes Domino Blog Template for date purposes: Content - Creation Date/Time Can be inserted within Page Templates for single documents or Item templates for l

Locale based date tags in Blog Template

Steve Castledine  May 18 2007 05:43:34 AM GMT -6
One of the "bad" things in the 7.0.2 release of the blog template is that in the default theme/html templates are date tags to display the date/time of the creation of each entry. You will see which t

Now Listening - Linkin Park

Steve Castledine  May 18 2007 05:00:57 AM GMT -6
My latest Album download is Linkin Park's new album "Minutes to Midnight" - its not disappointing! ;)

Not Likely - LinkedIn

Steve Castledine  May 17 2007 04:15:00 AM GMT -6
I was using LinkedIn yesterday and I cannot remember the page but an error box came up and said I should install Microsoft Outlook and set it as my default mail. Yeh right! Incidently if anyone wa

List of Hot Topics <$DXHighlighted$>

Steve Castledine  May 17 2007 05:15:00 AM GMT -6
One of the things you can add to your blog is a list of "Hot Topics" (well actually they do not have to be hot topics they can be anything you like). There is a two stage process to this. First addi

Sametime 7.5.1 SDK gold available / Second Life Integration

Steve Castledine  May 17 2007 04:18:38 AM GMT -6
The Sametime 7.5.1 SDK Gold is now available. This can be downloaded from here. Pretty high on my agenda has always been building some plugins for the new Eclipse based Sametime. Unfortunately so fa

Blog Template: When you want to use raw html but Rich Text is not playing ball

Steve Castledine  May 16 2007 04:26:46 AM GMT -6
Sometimes you may have some raw html that you want to post in your entry, but for some reason when saved as rich text it is not coming out the other end as you would expect. In order to ensure your

IBM Virtual Business Center inside Second Life

Steve Castledine  May 16 2007 04:01:26 AM GMT -6
There is now an IBM Virtual Business Center inside Second Life. This Center contains the following sections: Sales Center Reception Innovation Center Support Library Briefing Center Conference C

Blog Template - Including HTML in your content without it being used as HTML

Steve Castledine  May 15 2007 05:52:33 AM GMT -6
Often us bloggers need to demonstrate use of html in our posts. With the IBM blog template we need to tell the application where this html is, so it converts it so it is not used as actual html. We


Steve Castledine  May 15 2007 05:40:50 AM GMT -6
is used when building advanced websites where you want to give users the ability to delete comment or content documents using a browser. The tag provides the link as text to add to the flexibility.


Steve Castledine  May 15 2007 05:33:08 AM GMT -6
can be used in either a page (for a document) or an item template and provides the final part of the URL for the current document being displayed. It is provided as text and not a full URL so you ca


Steve Castledine  May 15 2007 05:26:45 AM GMT -6
can be used in any page template and inserts the full url to your database as text. So you would use it like: <a href="< $DXURL$ >" title="title">Home</a> The actual value comes

Notes Public Access

Steve Castledine  May 14 2007 02:40:49 PM GMT -6
This is kind of a security warning. I have seen this a couple of times recently and I do not think the consequences are that obvious. If you create a form and set it to "Available to Public Access Us

Domino Unplugged

Steve Castledine  May 14 2007 08:20:18 AM GMT -6
I hadn't spotted this Dominoblog design until listening to Rob Wunderlich on the Taking Notes Podcast. Nice! It was converted by Sean Burgess. You will be pleased to know I have restarted on the The

Friday Humour

Steve Castledine  May 11 2007 04:03:52 AM GMT -6
Advertising at its funniest: "We've Changed" "We made them change" "We didn't need to change"

Extending the IBM Lotus Notes V8 mail with Eclipse

Steve Castledine  May 11 2007 03:39:09 AM GMT -6
A new article on (ok developerWorks) "Extending the IBM Lotus Notes V8 mail with Eclipse". Its marked "Intermediate" but think its a great introductory on extending Notes using Eclipse and


Steve Castledine  May 9 2007 05:00:00 AM GMT -6
is a powerful tag that can be used in advanced content management solutions. This tag can be placed in any "Page Template" to display content by any category (or sub category) and you can indicate a

Bikes in the Fastlane - Makeover

Steve Castledine  May 9 2007 08:20:18 AM GMT -6
Bikes in the Fast Lane by Mike Werner has had a makeover by a professional designer. Mike is an original user of the template from maybe four years back. It is good to see the template has stood up t

SNUG Blog Presentation

Steve Castledine  May 8 2007 05:47:21 AM GMT -6
Here's the presentation I used at SNUG last week on the Blog Template (slideshare link and the direct file link below that). This will receive further work when I have time, I also plan to add some au

Another Week, another Pond

Steve Castledine  May 8 2007 04:47:25 AM GMT -6
Time is just flying by right now - it needs to slow down! This week is going to be mad - a lot of hours but hopefully by the weekend I will feel happier where I am rather than the forever sinking feel

Quicker Quickr

Steve Castledine  May 2 2007 06:03:33 AM GMT -6
Ever since I heard about the product name "Quickr" I thought thats a great name. Its such a great name that everytime I think the word "Quicker" I think "Quickr". I'm sure thats what the marketing guy

Off to Edinburgh later today

Steve Castledine  May 2 2007 05:36:10 AM GMT -6
I'm off to Edinburgh later today hopefully getting there just after 8pm (it takes about 5-6 hours to get there). I'm hoping to catch most of Man Utd v Milan when I get there. Congrats to Liverpool on


Steve Castledine  May 1 2007 08:53:40 AM GMT -6
is an automatic category navigation tag. You can use this within any page template and it will display a list of categories or sub categories that you can navigate to from that point. This is an adva


Steve Castledine  May 1 2007 06:49:58 AM GMT -6
can be placed in any Page Template (although with the homepage it doesn't do anything - maybe I need to add a "home" ability) or Item template that is used for content, to automatically create "Bread

Second Life Notes 8 Reception Orientation Session Today

Steve Castledine  May 1 2007 03:00:21 AM GMT -6
Second Life Notes 8 reception Orientation Session today. Connect at either 9am EST or 9pm EST (6am/6pm PDT, 1:00 & 13:00 GMT) at secondlife://IBM9/54/63