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Notes Domino 8.5 Public Beta Available

Steve Castledine  May 30 2008 02:20:44 AM GMT -6
Do I smell xPages, Notebook, Domino Designer in Eclipse? Available here.

Lotus Notes Domino - Public Access use in web applications

Steve Castledine  May 28 2008 02:41:42 AM GMT -6
We were having a discussion yesterday about "public access/public documents" and the use of in web applications on Lotus Domino. Firstly a bit of information on "public access". Put in very basic te

    You know its a holiday weekend when..

    Steve Castledine  May 23 2008 11:36:36 AM GMT -6
    Luckily I have a lot of work to do, so it will not feel so bad when it is raining outside!

    Lotus Notes Formula that is bugging me

    Steve Castledine  May 20 2008 11:07:04 AM GMT -6
    Sometimes its the simple things that can be the hardest to fix. I have a dialog list. The dialog list gets its data from a view using the formula: xlist := @DbColumn("":"NoCache";"":"";"vSysCat";1

    Twitter broke so will have to blog instead

    Steve Castledine  May 20 2008 03:45:05 AM GMT -6
    Twitter broke so I will have to blog instead :) Well the inevitable happened the other week and Leicester were relegated into the 3rd tier of English football for the first time, ever (now only 8 Eng

    Nail Biting Weekend

    Steve Castledine  May 2 2008 06:30:45 AM GMT -6
    A nail biting holiday weekend awaits with the last game of the season live on Sky Sports 2pm sunday (GMT). We play at a team (Stoke City) who are at the top of the table and requiring points for pr