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Oh Joy!

Steve Castledine  June 29 2007 03:42:10 AM GMT -6
Probably sound like a moaning old man right now with everything, but quite the contrary as I'm actually having a great time despite the up's and downs, and the weather :( Apparantely we are pretty muc

Saving Rich Text fields as HTML/MIME

Steve Castledine  June 27 2007 06:36:02 AM GMT -6
Out of interest does anyone that read this blog ever, within their custom notes applications, use the facility where you can set a rich text field to store as mime/html so you can programmatically acc

When it rains, it pours

Steve Castledine  June 27 2007 04:43:39 AM GMT -6
When it rains, it pours, and I don't just mean this rubbish weather we are having. I live opposite a river and luckily that copes with heavy rain (due to a so far not built on flood plain). Not so luc

Wheres Summer gone?

Steve Castledine  June 22 2007 05:12:31 AM GMT -6
After a glorious April, May and June have typically been rain, rain and a little more rain. No end in sight right now. So much for global warming (more global wetting for us):

Don’t Run!

Steve Castledine  June 22 2007 04:13:41 AM GMT -6
I always remember my teachers at school saying don't run up the stairs or down the corridor. Well I know now why! Wednesday evening I was rushing up the stairs with a plate in my hand (I don't know

Building a Deck part 3

Steve Castledine  June 19 2007 05:00:38 AM GMT -6
Previously I built the frame and then "decked" the main part. Next job was to deck the lower part. Things are taking shape now. I'm shocked everything seems level and is not looking the eyesore I fe

Slow Blog Week

Steve Castledine  June 15 2007 05:21:53 AM GMT -6
Had my head down this week, lots of things to do, investigate and general software geekery. Composite applications have taken up a fair chunk of my time. Boy are they going to be kewl, I don't think I

Building a Deck part 2

Steve Castledine  June 15 2007 04:40:28 AM GMT -6
So last Sunday I managed to get another day on my deck project. So far I had built the base and had positioned it in place, off the ground, using some concreted posts. The ground is very uneven and sl

Blog Presentation - Extending IBM Blog Template

Steve Castledine  June 6 2007 04:22:55 AM GMT -6
This is a presentation done by top bloke Sean Burgess at ILUG. I'm guessing it is a repeat of a Lotusphere 2007 session done with the super cool Jon Vaughan.

Building a Deck part 1

Steve Castledine  June 4 2007 09:24:10 AM GMT -6
About a month ago I decided I would build a deck in the back garden, and after not making a mess up of constructing the pond I ordered in the materials. However with April being hot and sunny pretty m

Changes for the new Season have started

Steve Castledine  June 4 2007 09:16:37 AM GMT -6
Changes for the next season have already started at Leicester City Football club with a new manager (mad dog), a new director of Football and two new players in ex French International Bruno N'Gotty (