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Better News on Speeding Points

Steve Castledine  July 25 2005 10:07:55 AM GMT -6
Some good news on my recent speeding (36 mph in a 30 limit road) because it is classed as a "lower limit" I have been given the choice of a "Speed Awareness Course" or the 3 points. Speed Awaren

Made me Smile

Steve Castledine  July 21 2005 11:00:08 AM GMT -6
I came across this friendly message on the web today: Things are busy beyond belief at Steve'sville at the minute - holidays are bad for your working health!

Do I smell Wedding Cake?

Steve Castledine  July 14 2005 08:22:47 AM GMT -6
We did many fantastic things whilst on holiday which I will detail another time. However the main event was getting engaged to my girlfriend Sue in a helicopter whilst returning from the Volcanic i

Back again!

Steve Castledine  July 14 2005 07:48:22 AM GMT -6
Well I am back again safe and sound. Our holiday was absolutely amazing - I wish I was there (Antigua) for another month. I have a lot of things planned over the next few months so life is goi