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Landis gives positive drugs test

Steve Castledine  July 27 2006 10:51:26 AM GMT -6
Wow - that is a big kick in the teeth for the Tour and Cycling as a sport. BBC report.

First 7.0.2 IBM Blog Public Site Running

Steve Castledine  July 21 2006 04:52:44 AM GMT -6
Jeff Eisen (Chief Architect for Lotus Notes) now has a blog running and he is using the 7.0.2 IBM blog template. I'm not even eating my own dog food yet (I love that phrase) so I'm praying I didn't

Not a good Day!

Steve Castledine  July 19 2006 10:40:55 AM GMT -6
Some weeks should just be forgotten! I've had a few things cause me grief this week, the worst being the heat (35c 95f) has killed the air pump to my temporary fish pool (the air pipes running out o

I do not speak correct English

Steve Castledine  July 12 2006 05:19:18 AM GMT -6
One thing with working for a US company is that my English is no longer correct English (even though we invented the thing!). So I am now finally multi-lingual (the Spanish got ditched again - anythi

All Moved

Steve Castledine  July 11 2006 08:50:06 AM GMT -6
If you blinked you missed it - my ADSL is now transferred to my new house together with the ip addresses allocated to the old one. So my websites should be available even though the hardware has moved

Geek Joke

Steve Castledine  July 7 2006 05:53:24 AM GMT -6
After digging to a depth of 100 metres last year, Russian scientists found traces of copper wire dating back 1000 years, and came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network

FIFA’s Golden Ball

Steve Castledine  July 6 2006 06:58:53 AM GMT -6
FIFA have announced the nominations for the "Golden Ball" award (what happened to the other one?): Zinedine Zidane (France) Thierry Henry(France) Patrick Vieira (France) Michael Ballack(Germany) Miro

Its a bit stormy and France through

Steve Castledine  July 6 2006 05:54:54 AM GMT -6
Well after the recent heatwave the inevitable electrical storms have arrived. This is the second day of them and I have an inch of water sitting in my back yard waiting to drain away. With this has

Cracking Game and Moving House

Steve Castledine  July 5 2006 04:42:27 AM GMT -6
Yesterdays Germany v Italy was a cracker! Well done to Italy for the last minute goals - I think on reflection it was a fair result as Italy always looked the most likely to score. Germany played ve

Anyone for Tennis?

Steve Castledine  July 2 2006 05:56:07 AM GMT -6
After waking from a long afternoon and night out I remembered that I'm supposed to be moving house (its now midday) and then damn it a few seconds later I remembered England lost to Portugal on penali

Germany Through

Steve Castledine  July 1 2006 02:29:55 AM GMT -6
Wow what a professional performance. Something England could learn from, patience, "do not panic". You never doubted the Germans would not miss a penalty and Lehman would save a few (he's been solid i