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Steve Castledine

August 2005

Domino 7 Goes Gold

Steve Castledine  August 30 2005 08:42:17 AM GMT -6
Domino 7 has gone gold. Via Bill and Ben. I never spotted the uk childrens program link with those two names until after I typed it in!

Speed Awareness Course

Steve Castledine  August 12 2005 12:17:55 PM GMT -6
On Wednesday I attended the Speed Awareness Course here in Leicester. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be - about 20 "mostly guilty" looking people put in a room for 3 hours to listen and

Podcast, Phishing, Ruby Murray, Chav

Steve Castledine  August 10 2005 05:11:38 AM GMT -6
Podcast, Phising, Ruby Murray and Chav have all made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. On the podcast front - do people know that dominoblog allows you to podcast? My spell checking pr

Browser Based Spell Checker for Lotus Notes

Steve Castledine  August 4 2005 04:09:57 PM GMT -6
Yes I am still mad. One of my current "playing around" projects is a cross browser spelling checker for Lotus Notes/Domino. I see lots of solutions out there - a lot are browser dependant, and

What is it with the Local Address Book?

Steve Castledine  August 4 2005 04:04:27 PM GMT -6
This has happened to me years ago - and has been happening to me again recently. I can make a change to my location document (which is in my local address book) - save it and it works fine. I