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Steve Castledine

August 2007

Sometimes Football comes second

Steve Castledine  August 29 2007 07:04:12 AM GMT -6
As a club we were eagerly awaiting last nights game at local rival Nottingham Forest, but after our Left back Clive Clarke suffered two heart attacks at half time, it makes you stop and think. This gu

Agent Profiling

Steve Castledine  August 24 2007 04:04:43 AM GMT -6
Following on from my discussion on webqueryopen Agents. Don't forget you can "profile" the agent and see what is slow, what is not etc using the Agent Profiler that was released back with Domino 7. T

Notes 8 Icon Table

Steve Castledine  August 23 2007 03:07:38 AM GMT -6
Notes 8 help does not have the updated view/column icon table in it. So for my benefit and others I have posted the table here: I will be creating a "Hot Topic" list on this site soon and adding this

12 year old Boy is accused of sausage assault

Steve Castledine  August 22 2007 10:39:37 AM GMT -6
From the BBC. People can get 6 years for Murder and a 12 year old throwing a cocktail sausage is dragged before the courts - something doesn't balance. A 12-year-old boy was charged with assault an

"Open in Designer"

Steve Castledine  August 22 2007 06:56:55 AM GMT -6
Update on below: It seems the option in question is the "Open in Designer" on the worksapce tabs - at the top: The tip below still stands though as that was another "gotcha" for a few people. A co

Corporate Flogging

Steve Castledine  August 17 2007 07:18:56 AM GMT -6
Picked up from an internal blog, this is quite funny:

Todays the day

Steve Castledine  August 17 2007 03:29:46 AM GMT -6
Todays the day:

Freak of nature?

Steve Castledine  August 16 2007 03:48:44 AM GMT -6
I've always loved sunflowers and they are in full bloom in the garden right now. However with all the rain this year came a lot of slugs who eat a lot of these plants. One in particular had its "fl

WebQueryOpen Agents - The penny drops

Steve Castledine  August 15 2007 04:45:00 AM GMT -6
Its been discussed at Codestore and I also see an entry at Domino2 today. Repeat after me "WebQueryOpenAgents do not have to be bad". Developers make them bad, by not thinking through the load they pu

Tip for getting hold of category counts in Lotusscript

Steve Castledine  August 13 2007 03:15:00 PM GMT -6
I came across a quality tip that I had not thought of before for calculating the number of documents in categories of documents, when using Lotusscript. My initial thought (but not that efficient) i

Hectic Week

Steve Castledine  August 10 2007 04:47:59 AM GMT -6
Having a hectic week with working days extending past midnight over the past 3 days to meet some deadlines (that I am probably 2 days behind on). Football season starts tommorrow - yay! Here's som

Week 14

Steve Castledine  August 8 2007 04:48:38 AM GMT -6
We had another baby scan today when the "age" was confirmed at 13 weeks and 1 day old. It was a very wriggly baby but managed to stay still for a few shots!

The talented Mr Castledine

Steve Castledine  August 7 2007 03:46:59 AM GMT -6
Er no not me - I would be embarrassed at being that big headed! I'm pretty much a code monkey and someone who thinks a lot about software solutions and how they would work for a customer/consumer. On

coComment does not currently support IE

Steve Castledine  August 6 2007 02:23:50 AM GMT -6
"coComment does not currently support IE - however, we will be supporting IE by the end of August." a comment posted by a CoComment Employee. Sorry thats an absolute joke. Call me old fashioned, and

CoComment causing problems - again

Steve Castledine  August 5 2007 05:14:11 AM GMT -6
I had a few requests to automatically include coComment in the blog template, even before it was an IBM solution. The biggest reason I didn't is these "solutions" come and go. What is today's hot th

Getting onto google in hours

Steve Castledine  August 3 2007 06:01:18 AM GMT -6
Years ago it took weeks to get an update on google, perhaps even longer to get a new site onto that or any search engine. I remember companies offering services to "submit" your site for you (how diff

Whats a wiki?

Steve Castledine  August 2 2007 01:47:15 PM GMT -6
Some of us know what a wiki is, don't we? I was thinking, what actually defines a wiki? What are the minimal feature's we could say "is a wiki"? Is it enough to say "The ability for online users (

Google search of the Week

Steve Castledine  August 2 2007 01:30:44 PM GMT -6
usb powered adult toy This came from my google search hits of this site. Checking google I'm on the first page - is that something to be proud of? :)

IBM Redbooks - Building Composite Applications

Steve Castledine  August 2 2007 04:18:22 AM GMT -6
A new redbook is available (been available for a few weeks now) entitled "Building Composite Applications". You can find it here.

Ten tips for dealing with the practicalities of open source technology

Steve Castledine  August 1 2007 04:35:49 AM GMT -6
Lately, I’ve been receiving, more and more, pleas from developers looking for ways to get around their legal departments when it comes to using open source technology for their company’s a

Marathon Update

Steve Castledine  August 1 2007 03:31:21 AM GMT -6
A while ago I mentioned I was training for a marathon which is this October. My training schedule was tight as really you need 6 months to get ready for such an event. I was doing well until I had m