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Steve Castledine

September 2005

Small World

Steve Castledine  September 28 2005 06:40:21 AM GMT -6
When I was on holiday this year in Antigua we visited the volcanic island of Montserrat. Whilst there (we flew by helicopter) I took the following image from a throw away camera. This and the full

Depeche Mode

Steve Castledine  September 27 2005 07:15:35 AM GMT -6
I've always been a big Depeche Mode fan - so I downloaded the new single "Precious" yesterday and I love it. The last couple of albums have been "ok" with a couple of decent tracks - but they neve

Days are just not long enough

Steve Castledine  September 27 2005 05:05:41 AM GMT -6
Damien Katz thinks his blog sucks - well mine sucks a hundred times more! I'm just maxed out with work and life - work side I have about 5 projects on the go at the same time (yes stressful! -

08700 426655

Steve Castledine  September 16 2005 04:56:28 AM GMT -6
This entry is for google to pick up - If you get a call on your mobile from this number (08700 426 655) do not call it back. When you answer it - the line will go dead - if you call it back it could

Petrol Madness

Steve Castledine  September 14 2005 03:38:00 PM GMT -6
It was bad enough the price of fuel going up so much this year - now where I live you can't even buy any! The latest round of threatened "Fuel Protests" have meant everyone has gone mad and fil

Spam Gits!

Steve Castledine  September 7 2005 07:35:00 AM GMT -6
Got to moan about this one! Been getting loads of emails today saying stuff like "Relaying Denied" etc.Turns out some git has been sending spam mail (not through my servers - they will not allow it) u


Steve Castledine  September 4 2005 02:19:46 PM GMT -6
We went to see the film "Crash" Saturday evening - and I absolutely loved it. It was a film refreshingly different to any film I have seen before. A film that I wan't expecting. I knew very litt