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Steve Castledine

September 2006

Ten Years Today

Steve Castledine  September 29 2006 06:51:33 AM GMT -6
Ten years ago today I switched jobs to a Lotus Business Partner from a Microsoft Business Partner. Therefore switching from consulting/developing with Exchange, VB and NT to Lotus Notes. I'm so glad I

Robbie Williams, Barcelona, Weddings

Steve Castledine  September 28 2006 12:44:10 PM GMT -6
Well its been a while - what with breaks away, weddings, concerts and work etc its been very hectic indeed. Robbie Williams in concert was a cracker supported by Orson and Basement Jaxx. This conc

USBCell - Batteries that charge over USB

Steve Castledine  September 21 2006 07:24:56 AM GMT -6
Interesting : We've seen some utterly bonkers USB technology in our time: USB Lotus Notes Client on a stick, USB heated gloves and slippers, a variety of USB-powered adult toys, USB barbeques and US

These Days

Steve Castledine  September 6 2006 02:59:10 PM GMT -6
These days I am working, listening to the superb Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Taking Notes, working, playing with Dojo and working. But by Friday I will be in Barcelona - can't wait (you booked the apa

Yes still very quiet around here

Steve Castledine  September 4 2006 06:48:26 AM GMT -6
I can't even begin to describe how busy my life and my mind are right now! A few last minute problems with stuff at work and other things coming out of the woodwork are creating me a bit of stress bu