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Steve Castledine

September 2008

UKLUG 2008 - a great event

Steve Castledine  September 22 2008 04:20:23 AM GMT -6
I was at UKLUG last Thursday and Friday in central London, and had a great time. To put on yet another event like this "for free" is just incredible and Warren Elsmore cannot be praised enough for it

UK Lotus User Group Conference 18th & 19th September - London

Steve Castledine  September 9 2008 02:45:09 AM GMT -6
A reminder that UKLUG will be held next week (18th & 19th September) in Westminster, London. This will be a great event to attend, so if you can, I encourage you to register here. A full list of

Some basic info on how the Tag Cloud tag works in Domino Blog

Steve Castledine  September 8 2008 09:51:48 AM GMT -6
Reproduced from forthcoming documentation: DXTagCloud provides an automatic tag cloud within your web pages: The system outputs the tags in an unordered list. You need to surround the tag with u

Knowing which folder a document is in - @WhichFolders

Steve Castledine  September 8 2008 03:28:53 AM GMT -6
Sometimes people don't see the release notes (I'm not saying this is definitely in them), or new formula etc can be forgotten, but a nice new formula in 8.5 was @WhichFolders which can be used to dete

    Charity: Water

    Steve Castledine  September 1 2008 07:37:40 AM GMT -6
    Still on a "blog vacation" and back shortly, but in the meantime via Paul Mooney: