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Podcast, Phishing, Ruby Murray, Chav

Steve Castledine  August 10 2005 05:11:38 AM
Podcast, Phising, Ruby Murray and Chav have all made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

On the podcast front - do people know that dominoblog allows you to podcast?

My spell checking project is moving along - I have some server side code which will take a paragraph of text from a browser and return a list of wrong spellings together with a list of suggestions via an xml feed. Obviously now I have this working the client side can be my code - or anyones code - just the post format to the server and the xml specification back is required.

1Simon Barratt  8/10/2005 1:58:55 PM GMT -6  Podcast, Phishing, Ruby Murray, Chav

Don't suppose you have an idiots guide to setting up a podcast do you???

2Steve Castledine  8/13/2005 4:05:33 AM GMT -6  Podcast, Phishing, Ruby Murray, Chav

I will create one - but in the content document under the media tab there is a podcasting section.

You need to tick the podcast box - then either select an attachment as a podcast or supply a url to it.

I will add this "how to" to my top list of things to get done.

3Simon Barratt  8/16/2005 3:30:45 PM GMT -6  Podcast, Phishing, Ruby Murray, Chav

Thanks Steve.

That was enough for me to begin playing. I saw those options, but I think I expected the end document to somehow look slightly different! Icon or some other sort of indicator in the browser. I then headed on over to Eric Mack's { Link } site to see how he had been using it.

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