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Customising the DominoBlog template

Steve Castledine  September 9 2009 04:38:20 AM
Just a reminder that you too can customise the IBM Lotus Notes Domino blog template to look exactly how you wish, as long as you have "basic" html skills.

You can also take existing free blog skins used for other blogging platforms such as WordPress (google is your friend) and use them with DominoBlog, and this is what we did for Ed Brill's site update.

To find out more, check out part 1 of an article how here, and part two here. There is also more advanced information here, and further information here.

There's some blog template progress "stuff" in the pipeline and also more on themes "in the pipeline". As soon as they get near the end of this enormous pipe I will update further.

1Patrick Kwinten  9/9/2009 6:49:32 AM GMT -6  Joompla design templates

what I like about Joomla design templates is that you can import them as a zip file from the admin panel.

(css file + images)

Would be a nice feature for the Domino template.

I have not tried to implement the statistics for a blog template, mainly because hosting here is based upon the number of databases, so that would double the costs for hosting.

So in case the statistics part could be embedded in the blog template design I would consider this a win-situation.

Just some random user thoughts...

2Martin  9/15/2009 8:56:08 AM GMT -6  Customising the DominoBlog template

Sure that can I customise the IBM Lotus Notes Domino blog to look exactly how I wish ???.

Then, I want a blog with C.F Barcelona colors, please, "white NO, I hate the white color".

Mi blog (under customizing) { Link }

Regards from Spain.