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Dominoblog: Templates

Steve Castledine  March 11 2010 06:39:10 AM
Denny had a question:

I want to have a 'Home' page that starts when the blog is opened, then I want to have a link that will take me to the Blog and I want to do all this with the .nsf file.

So I took and made a copy of the 'Home Page' found within the 'Page Templates'.  I then renamed the copy to "Blog" and saved it.

Next I changed the 'Home Page to look like what I wanted.

Now my question is this, How do I Call the new page I made from my top menu or is this not possible and I'm going about it all wrong?

Makes sense to answer this and provide some detail on the template structure at the same time.

Where are the Template and how do I set them

Templates are found within the "Advanced > HTML Templates" section of the application. Which ones are used are determined by the wizard "Site HTML Templates" which can be found under "Advanced > Configuration" menu button "Wizards > Site HTML Templates". These settings are also repeated in the main configuration document but the wizard makes it easier to access.

Image:Dominoblog: Templates Image:Dominoblog: Templates

Template Types
There are two types of templates "page" and "item". Page templates determine the layout for entire pages, whereas item templates determine html per row of displayed data which would be each of your blog posts.

There are also "block" templates but these are just used for repeating parts of html. So if you have a home page, a document, search etc there will be a common sidebar, header etc so we can use block templates for these to save us maintaining this in many places. They are inserted into the page templates using <$DXTemplateBlock Name="block name"$>.

When you create a new blog, then the default layout is created automatically using these page, block and item templates. Then the configuration is updated to point to these templates (there is an obviously located script library which does this, within the design).

A potential theme manager would store a collection of these templates, config settings, together with any css and images required as a "theme".

Basic theory
So from the top the blog or website could just be one page, the home page. You would have a "page" template with nothing but html, set the site/homepage template to be this and you would have a very basic "static" site.

Image:Dominoblog: Templates
There would be no functionality however, and any content you add would not appear here. So this is where the "tags" come in, they insert the data/functionality where you want it within your html. For the homepage you would simply add a tag <$DXContent$> and this will insert the latest blog posts.

As part of answering Denny's question, note that the homepage template is the only one (aside from maybe the archive template) where you can put html in and it can be called directly. Although it doesn't have it own "link" it just knows that if the base ".nsf" is called in the url then the homepage should be displayed. Otherwise templates are just for defining layout and are not accessible directly.

So onto the next part, you may have told the application (via the page template) to display the latest posts on the homepage via the tag, however you have not told it how to display them so nothing will happen. This is where the item templates come in, you create one of these with the html you want per row, add the data you wish to display (again using tags - see the link to the tags at the end and also the default templates) and set in the template wizard under "Site Item Template".

Image:Dominoblog: Templates
For a basic site, the final thing you would do is create a new page template for the "full page posts" themselves by copying the html you used for home and creating a new template and setting it to be used from the template wizard. You would remove the <$DXContent$> tag and replace with the html you would have used for an item template (as its only 1 document not many).

The same theory works for the archive, search etc pages. I will write a follow up on the comments system.

Launching specific Templates
I've titled this part to answer Denny's question really, as I have already said you cannot directly launch a template as they are just "layout instructions". So if you want to create something that you can launch, you would create your page template and then either create a new post, or a static page via "Resources > Web Pages" and link the template to it.

Image:Dominoblog: Templates
To tell the application to use the template for this page, you select "Show HTML Options" from within the page or document, then select the "document template" to use.

Image:Dominoblog: TemplatesImage:Dominoblog: Templates

When you access the document or page via its permanent url then this template/layout will launch. Incidentally, the url can be set manually via "Show Advanced" and "Page Name" . Obviously you can also use the content and data within the page/post if you wish by inserting the usual tags into the template.

Image:Dominoblog: TemplatesImage:Dominoblog: Templates
So as you can see you could use this feature to create a specific look for any of your blog posts or static web pages. It works as a "waterfall" system, with the master template settings in the wizard/configuration, a second level of settings in the category documents (if you use them) and a final override directly in the pages themselves.

Some Links:
Wiki Article on themes and tags
Converting a theme from Wordpress part 1 and part 2


1Denny Russell  3/12/2010 1:01:39 PM GMT -6  Dominoblog: Templates

Thanks for this write-up Steve.

So I've gone and made a new Web page and set the Default template to Home page. Just to see what it would do.

Now when I call that page using { Link } the content displays as...

<$DXContent$> instead of my blog entires

I did read in your article that html is only reserved for the 'Home page'

"note that the homepage template is the only one (aside from maybe the archive template) where you can put html in and it can be called directly."

So I would think my new webpage should still display the blog because I have a webpage that uses the 'Document Template' as the original out of the box 'Home Page'.

My thinking was I could leave the 'Home page' as it is with the Blog entries, then create a new Webpage that uses a different template for my start page when the database is launched.

2Marc Egart  3/22/2010 12:15:28 PM GMT -6  Dominoblog: Agent Docu.

Hi Steve,

sorry for "spamming" your blog: Is there any documentation please, which agent should be enabled and what their purpose is? Especially :

"PublichHeldContent" and


I also would like to know what the purpose of these scheduled agents (schedule is disabled by default):




"XML-RPC Ping"

Thanks a lot in adavance.


3Filipe Caldeira  3/31/2010 7:42:07 AM GMT -6  Dominoblog: Templates

Hello, Mr. Castledine,

Hi have some questions about DominoBlog Template, and rss generator template, i know that theses questions was made to you but i just search at your site, in IBM forums,etc, and i didnt saw a answer or someone else with the same problem, maybe i didnt search enought. Im my company we use lotus client 6.5.5. and im trying to analyse to pass to 8.5, and i have a intranet that have some DB and im trying to user rss generator template, i configured it, i generated the feeds but when i open them in the IE browser they have errors, with some special caracters, accents, etc. is this a common error, do i have to convert the rss title, description, the item etc to valid html, the db agents treat this wrigth? i just dont figured it out yet.

Another question, about"DominoBlog" is since i have a homepage intranet that is for searching and link to the documents of all databases of that intranet, its like a "virtual library", can i use the creation off blogs to create a homepage/blog to the intranet site and have the same acess to search and all the documents, links/URLs from the various notes DBs, is this possible? maybe some ideias how?

I hanna thank you for just, if you can read this questions and maybe give me some feedback when you can.

Best regards

Filipe Caldeira  4/20/2010 8:59:48 AM GMT -6  Dominoblog: Left side bar user image

How can i make my image to appear in blog, that too on the left side bar

5Ewa Ratajczak  5/11/2010 1:31:34 PM GMT -6  Dominoblog: TEMPLATE PAGE Survey


I have found a form for survey "TEMPLATE PAGE Survey". How this type of form can be used from the Blog. I could not find any documentation about this.

Best Regards,


6Tripp  6/23/2010 12:56:02 PM GMT -6  Dominoblog: Templates

Hi Steve,

We've just implemented a couple blogs with the DominoBlog template. Your posts have been very valuable in customizing the layout and presentation.

We don't want to hack the design element and would rather work with the product instead of against it. In searching your posts and the wiki we didn't see answers to some questions.

We are want to do the following:

1. Add client side validation to these comment fields. We typically do validation like this:!OpenForm

2. Prepopulate the comment fields as you've done with the subject.

3. Do a page template/layout or web client layout for mobile devices.

4. You have a post that mentions themes and theme browser but we assume that was pulled from the current design. Yes?

One other question, why is the NTF blog template empty. It would be far more benficial for it to have documents. The documents in a refresh design only come down with a File --> New from template not a refresh.



7Daniel Recio  8/1/2010 3:48:17 PM GMT -6  Dominoblog: Templates

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9Michael Ruhnau  8/16/2013 3:55:33 AM GMT -6  Dominoblog: Templates

Hi Steve,

we use the domino blog template in our company for various blogs of some of our departments. It is still a great tool with high flexibility which creates high value for them. Thanks for sharing the blog template with all this content which enables us to easily make our users happy :)

Kind regards,


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